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By Vinny Vapor

Looking for the top e cigarette brands?  Want more information on how e cigs actually work?  You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been a fan of vapor cigarette smoking since the industry was in it’s infancy, which has led me to earn the nick name “Vinny Vapor.”  I’ll be your guide here, as I truly think vapor is the future and it’s clearly an art form to people like me.

Unlike most of the stuffy, in-your-face e cig review sites you’ll see out there today, I write to entertain and lighten things up. As an aspiring comedian, I throw in some funny videos from time to time as well.  Please enjoy my rants, raves, and reviews, because I truly like my hobby turned passion – blogging about the vaping industry, it’s constant evolutions, and helping you find the best electronic cigarette brand.

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands 2014

Brand Star Rating Review Coupon Official Site

The Hottest Release of 2014 is the V2 Pro Vaporizers.  Click the link to read my review!

The Series 3

Pictured is the new Series 3 Vaporizer.

Everyone’s switching to e cigarettes, but they usually don’t know which e cigarette brand to choose.

Whether you find yourself smoking the vapor cigs that look just like tobacco cigarette products, or if you are advanced and find yourself using the e cig tank systems, the reviews you’ll read on the corresponding pages will help you find the best device for your vapor smoking habit .  We review tanks, batteries, clearomizers, e-liquids, starter kits, and every component for sale in the booming e-cig market.  We even have ordered from some of the UK e cigarette brands to compare them to what we’re offered here in the USA.

Our team evaluates electronic cigarette brands because we’ve all made the switch to smoking vapor cigarettes and have entirely ditched tobacco cigarettes.  Our goal is to educate and entertain.  (Plus help you find the best electronic cigarettes….let’s not lie.)

There is more than one company that we recommend, and it really depends on your taste, budget, and which sort of style you want to use.  There are mini e cigs, huge variable voltage batteries, and everything in between.

While we have tried and tested all the top vapor cigarette brands, and documented experiences with reviews, to help you all find the very best e cigarette companies.

Comprehensive analysis is goal number one.  You will read breakdowns of not only the e cigarette components, but the respective companies reputation, customer service, and any complaints generated.

If you want a product that is just like a cigarette, only in a vapor solution, try checking out V2Cigs – Click here for a review and special discount coupon.

More advanced users may opt for the Vapor Fi.  They are also notorious for creating excellent e-liquid blends.  Read more here.

These two brands are the ones we recommend you try over all other companies, and their market share is massive.  You can read about each on their respective review pages by clicking on them on the table below.

For those of you new to e-cig smoking, here is a short history of the electronic cigarette.

Then and Now:  The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Over Time

Hon Lik

The man who invented the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette also known as the vapor pen was invented in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. The device was marketed as a smokeless cigarette with no tobacco. One of its claim was that it does not burn paper and heats moist air. Amazingly Herbert did not commercialize this product at that time; there was a lot of pressure from giant Tobacco companies who restricted the product. These companies knew that the vapor pen will cannibalize the traditional cigarette to a point where they will have to share a huge chunk of the market with electronic cigarette companies.

Rebirth of the vaporizer pen

Golden dragon holdings (later changed to Ruyan) reinvented the propylene glycol based vapor cigarette. A pharmacist named Hon Lik invented the mechanism of the smoke like vapor, he used an ultra sound releasing component to vaporize a pressurized cartridge of liquid holding nicotine diluted with propylene glycol. This works just like a traditional cigarette and delivers nicotine into the system through the bloodstream. The E-liquid was also Hon Lik’s idea and the same technology is used with today’s pen style e cigarettes.

Vapor Pens

Vapor Pens are sold in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

A short history about federal regulations

Electronic cigarettes were classified as a drug delivery device by the FDA, this made them subject to standard regulations of the FDA, this was challenged in court and in 2010 it was overruled with the conclusion that electronic cigarette are not drugs or medicine, it is a tobacco substitute.

Finally the court ruled against the FDA and classified electronic cigarettes as tobacco products hence they can be imported and distributed like tobacco products. The electronic cigarette companies proved to the court that their primary user is a smoker and the product is not intended for people who wish to quit smoking.

What are some state regulations?

With no federal regulations some states made their own regulations, which is a prohibition against underage sale, underage sale could be a problem due to the fact that electronic cigarettes comes in different flavors which attract kids but there are laws against selling them to minors.

 Liquid and “Juice” Companies

There are 100’s of vapor cigarette brands that specialize in making e-liquid or “juice” as it’s commonly called by the general vaping public.  Juice maker’s range from very large (Johnson’s Creek in Wisconsin) to very boutique.  We have even heard of novice juice makers use their basement or garage to make smokable tobacco flavored e-juices.  Not the most sanitary environment, but there is no doubt these types of companies exist.

We do review many types of e juice on this site, and the one we keep coming back to is the ability to ability you have to customize your e-juice creation over at Vapor Fi.  Click here to find out how.

E Liquids

High Times featured this picture of various e-juices for sale at a vape shop.

If you are looking for a serious smoking experience, check out the V2 Pro Series of Vaporizers.  Just launched, and a full review is posted here.

Ads like this are really driving the industry to new heights…

Here’s an early commercial for one of the most popular companies in the space:

I’m also quite resourceful and found these Green Smoke reviews to be quite informative.  

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