How I Quit With E-Cigs

By Vinny Vapor

How To Use Ecigs To Quit Smoking

The fact that smoking is a dangerous habit is something that everyone knows and most smokers are in a continual state of trying to quit. Unfortunately, quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest possible tasks in everyday life because of the level of addiction that occurs with regular use of nicotine. Although ecigs still contain nicotine, it is still in a diluted form. Nicotine tends to be so severely diluted in ecig formulations that it no longer has the same effect that it would have in a normal cigarette. Nicotine is diluted with flavor and diluents till it has been rendered far less harmful than it was to begin with. This may very well be the reason why ecigs are repeatedly advertised as a smoking cessation device even though that may just be speculation more than anything else.

The first thing you can do to use your new ecig to quit smoking traditional cigarettes is by regularizing use. For beginners the urge to smoke may be very strong and ecigs may not be enough to satisfy at first because of their lower nicotine content. You may also face this problem if you are a heavy chain smoker because that would mean that your body is used to large doses of nicotine at every interval. Patience is key when you newly switch to ecigs because they simply might not taste all that wonderful in the beginning.

Secondly, try to opt for flavors that inspire you in some way. Not only will this make your vaping sessions more enjoyable, you will also be more likely to opt for vaping whenever you have nicotine cravings than just smoking up a regular cigarette. Taking time to get used to ‘vapor’ instead of ‘smoke’ is also very important. Rest assured, it is an adjustment but an extremely beneficial one if it can be achieved and sustained over the long term.

I encourage you to use e-cigs over tobacco products. I’m living proof that it can be done.  If you don’t believe me, well, you can tell I put a lot of effort into this website and intend on being the #1 resource for e-cigs.

I’ve even made a slick e-cig rankings table that helps you pick the best brand based on price, concept, and many other factors.

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