The Obvious Advantages of Vapor

I’m obviously ‘pro-e-cigs’ if you haven’t figured that out by now.  Just take a look at my blog, read reviews, and it’s pretty apparent that I absolutely encourage any smoker to make the switch to electronic smoking, and save all the second hand nastiness that tobacco creates.

In various smoking shops and large stores one finds e cigs. Of course, you can save money buying them online, as I pointed out here.  Due to its extended use by people one wonders what are the pros and cons of using e cigs.

Always consider both aspects of any product before buying the product. Some of the pros and cons are enlisted below.

Save money with e-cigs

One pro with e-cigs is saving money!


1) Liquid is heated that turns the liquid into vapors with flavor hence no smoke and tar. No smoke means no blockage of the lungs by tar.

2) You don’t have to clean up after smoking as there is no ash that gets everywhere.

3) Since there is no smoke there is no air pollution, you can smoke e cigs in your home as the smoke from the e cigs is just water vapors.

4) vapor pens are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, a chain smoker can smoke up to 3 packs a day. Once you buy and e cig you just have to purchase the refill cartridges or buy them in bulk to save more money.

5) you don’t need a lighter or an ash tray. This is how an e cig works: nicotine solution with flavor is heated by using a rechargeable battery present in the device and this battery can be charged by using a USB connector wire.

6) There is no flame hence no fire, no burns, no holes in clothes due to a drop of hot ash here and there. No danger even if a user falls asleep with an e cig in his hands. Forest fires can be caused by poorly extinguished cigarette butts.

7) you just have to carry your charged e cigarette if you are going out. you don’t have to worry about carrying pack or lighter.
8) E cigs are made up of plastic or metal you don’t have to worry about a crushed cigarette even if you accidentally sit on it.
9) E cigs are legal and can be smoked anywhere.
10) tobacco cigarettes are wasted as they keep on burning without anyone puffing them. No worries when you are smoking an e cig as it only works when someone is puffing.
11) no smoke, no cough.
12) only a few puffs a day can easily satisfy a chain smoker and you don’t have to smoke the entire day.


1) They do not taste as the tobacco cigarette due to the absence of tar, smoke and other chemicals.
2) you have to keep the battery charged in order to smoke.
3) you can’t change the brand without buying that brand’s starter’s kit. It can cost a bit extra.

So, with that on mind, take a look at my my recommended vapor cigarette purchases.  These brands are the ones that have performed at a high level for years on end, and continue to offer the best quality products for reasonable prices.
If that’s not enough for you, than you can go here to clip coupons!


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