Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes were launched in China back in 2003. Nowadays, these devices can be found in almost every country. Electronic cigarettes have become a health trend. People are switching to these devices as they offer a lot of benefits, which were previously unheard off.

How do they function?

Electronic cigarettes function by converting liquid nicotine into vapors. A regular electronic cigarette has 3 core components namely a battery, an atomizer and a refill cartridge. The rechargeable lithium battery provides power to the atomizer. The atomizer extracts e-liquid juice from the refill cartridge and warms it in order to produce water vapors. These vapors are safe as they don’t contain chemicals. Meanwhile, the refill cartridge or liquid container contains the e-liquid.

Benefits offered

Electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere, even in places where the government has implemented a strict ban on smoking. This is because these devices do not emit any kind of smoke. Also, electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative of regular cigarettes. An electronic cigarette only contains 4 basic chemicals. Researchers have stated that these basic chemicals have no impact on the health of smoker or on the health of people who are in company of the smoker. Electronic cigarettes turn out to be cheaper in the long run. This means that you can save a lot of money by shifting to these devices.


Electronic cigarettes are not yet regulated by the government. There is an ongoing debate on whether these devices should be regulated or not. As they are not yet regulated, the tax on tobacco is not applicable on them. Also, it is difficult to find electronic cigarettes in regular smoke shops. Some bars and cafes have started to sell these devices as they are profitable. The best way to buy an electronic cigarette is online, and the most read review is the one you can click on below.

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