AER Cigs

By Vinny Vapor

AER Cigs is one of the few premium brands of electronic cigarettes that deals in rechargeable kits, disposables and a variety of different flavors to choose from. The brand is based in the United States and follows all the standard guidelines to keep its devices top notch and ready to perform.  You won’t see them in many e-cig reviews, because they are semi new, but they are certainly popping up.

AER Cigs offers two kinds of kits; a rechargeable and a refillable kit. The refillable kit is available in flavors such as cherry, strawberry, melon, natural and coffee and is just $12.99. The rechargeable kit however costs $19.99 and comes with a USB charger and 3 flavored cartridges.

AER Cigs also offers a premium pen rechargeable kits that start at $32.99 and goes as far as $89. The packages are also offered in a quantity of five which costs $140 that can save you a few bucks if you regularly use AER cigs. All pen kits contain a USB charger and 3 cartridges to choose from. The rechargeable kit flavors differ from the disposable ones. For example, in rechargeable kits, only strawberry, tropical, coffee buzz, menthol and natural are available. You can easily get these in cartridges form that start from $8.99 per cartridge or $36 for five.

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