By Vinny Vapor

Based in New Jersey, US, Bloog is an electronic cigarette manufacturer and retailer that offers a range of different ecig products such as starter kits, electronic liquid, ecig accessories among others.

In order to get started on ecig smoking through Bloog, users can get the 808 starter kits or the 510 starter kits offered by Bloog. Both kits differ with respect to their product offerings, prices and vaping experience. The starting price of the 808 starter kits is $29.99 and increases up to $99.99 for the Ultimate kit. On the other hand, the 510 kit category includes 650 H2 Kits, batteries, charging cases for the kits and other related products.  So, they offer a mix of both cigalike products as well as tanks.

Bloog also offers electronic liquid in different bottle sizes and flavors. Users can get their eliquid in 10 or 30 ml bottle sizes and many different regular and specialty flavors such as V.Ice, Sweet Lew, Mint, Mingo among others.

Also available at Bloog are electronic cigarette cartomizers. The cartomizers are very affordable as a 5 pack will cost you just $11. The cartomizer flavors include water melon, grapes, coffee and various others. All of Bloog’s products are available on its official website. Users can pay using Visa, Mastercard and other payment options.

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