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By Vinny Vapor

There is a lot of uniformity in the e-cig industry, so we love a brand that has some personality to make themselves stand out. BullSmoke is one of those brands, and it’s become one of our favorite brands around here. They market themselves with a Wild West kind of theme – we LOVE the brahma bull logo with a cig in its mouth – and have clever names for their products like the “Ranch Hand Kit”. They also have a lot of fun with their marketing campaigns, some great videos which we’ll get into later.

But it’s not just the character of BullSmoke that makes it one of our favorites. They have high quality products at unbelievable prices that make this a great entry level choice for new e-smokers. Their starter kit is sold for $30, a price you will not see anywhere else for the amount of product that comes with it, and we’d put the quality of the batteries and cartridges up there with our top rated e-cigarette V2 Cigs. There’s a reason why their tag line is “More Vapor. No Bull.”

With great products, the most affordable kit in the industry, solid cartridge selection, and the best customer service in the business, Bull smoke is definitely worth a look.

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As mentioned in the intro, the first thing that caught our eye about this brand is the presentation. Love the name, love the logo, love that the theme has permeated all the way down to the  names of their products, the packaging is great, etc.

But the best part about this brand is their price!

They don’t sacrifice an ounce of quality with this brand.  They know that you’ll come back for more cartridges, which is why their starter kits are an industry low $29.99.  That low price point has helped them grab their piece of the market, allowing virtually everyone a shot at getting the entire starter kit, which is all you need to start smoking vapor cigarettes.  If that wasn’t enough, the marketing team has been kind enough to provide a 20% off discount code for BullSmoke!  That makes this the cheapest e cigarette kit – HANDS DOWN.

The makers of of this e cig seem to be tired of the generic, run-of-the-mill electronic cigarettes that could easily be mistaken for each other, so they have fun with their branding and marketing. Take for instance one of their latest videos featuring Joanna Rohrbach, who you may know better as the “Prancercise Lady” from the viral YouTube video. Check out the quick video below – hilarious!


BullSmoke Kits

Starter Kit

There is one starter kit, called the Ranch Hand Kit, but it comes with everything you need to get on your way with e-smoking. With the ridiculously low price of $29.95, you cannot go wrong with this. Here’ what you get:

  • 10 Cartridges (your choice of two 5-packs)
  • 2 Original White Automatic Batteries
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • User Manual

A kit with the same product offerings would cost you $50 or $60 at any other brand, take a look yourself, and it’s been a huge seller for them. Despite the low price, there is no sacrifice in quality, as we’d like to reiterate that when put side by side with a V2 Cigs battery and cartridge we couldn’t tell the difference.

Bull Smoke E Cig Starter Kit

Buy a Ranch Hand Kit at BullSmoke.com!


We love the taste of BullSmoke cartridges. They have three different tobacco blends including  American Ranger (like a Marlboro), Turkish Tobacco (Camel), and Refined Blend (Winston), as well as Menthol. For the assorted flavors they have Grape, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Peppermint, and Cherry. For the tobacco flavors, we’re big fans of the American Ranger’s bold taste. As for the other flavor varieties, we really like the Vanilla (very rich flavor) and the Grape (it’s seriously like a Jolly Rancher Grape taste). All of the cartridges are available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg strength, and additionally the three tobaccos are also available in a strong 24mg strength.

Cartridges are sold in 5-packs for $12.95 per pack, but there are discounts to be had when buying larger quantities. Buy 5 or more 5-packs (all of the same flavor/strength) and get them for $11.95 per pack, or buy 10 or more 5-packs and get them for $9.95 each.

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The batteries are impressively strong. They have three different sizes to choose from: The Stubby (about 2.5 inches long), The Original (about 3 inches) and The Kentucky (about 4 inches). It goes without saying, the longer the battery, the more power it can hold and last longer between charges. The Ranch Hand Kit comes with two of the Original size batteries. Batteries are available in four different colors (white, black, orange, stainless steel) as well as automatic or manual style. If you need extra batteries they are available for $14.95. They also have a one year warranty on batteries if you need one replaced due to malfunction. The batteries we have are still working great, but it’s nice to have that comfort provided by the warranty.

Buckshot Disposables

They also sell disposable electronic cigarettes, called the “Bucksshot” which are American Ranger tobacco in 18mg strength and are single-use e cigs that don’t require any charging or replacing of cartridges. You simply use it up until it runs out and toss it in the trash and start using a new one. These disposables last for an impressive 400 puffs on average, or about the equivalent of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. Other brands seem to just offer disposables for the sake of having them in their catalog, but don’t really pay much attention to the quality, but that is far from the case at Bull Smoke as these are the strongest ones we’ve tried. They sell for $5 each and are an absolute steal – where else can you get the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes for $5?

BullSmoke Disposable E-Cigarettes

Start Shopping for Buckshot!

Bull Bucks Reward Points

If you’re not convinced enough, another thing to mention is their rewards program. Very few electronic cigarette makers have a customer loyalty program at all, let alone one as lucrative as Bull Smoke’s. Here’s how it works – you get points for every purchase, 1 point per each $1 of product you buy. Every Bull Buck point is worth $0.10, so for example if you buy $100 of products, you get 100 points, which translates to $10 to spend on future orders. It’s like getting 10% off on every order. Also, points never expire, so you can save them up for a bigger purchase later if you’d like.

Customer Service

We touch on this aspect on each brand pretty briefly in our other reviews, but it’s something we feel the need to mention at length for Bull Smoke. They are undoubtedly the best customer service team we have dealt with in all of our experiences. We’re very impressed, it’s kind of an intangible about the company that creates customer loyalty. We were surprised at how quickly we heard back on emails, within the hour if not minutes it seems, and had pleasant experiences over the phone when we made a last-second change to an order. Shipping is pretty fast – orders placed before 2pm eastern are shipped same day, everything after that is shipped the next business day. Fast delivery and in perfect condition. The top customer service in the industry hands-down, we keep going back to Bull Smoke because we know we’ll be taken care of.

Coupon Code

In tandem with the video (seen above) with the Prancercise Lady, they also have a coupon code. Click below to check it out!

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Wrapping Up our Thoughts

More Vapor. No Bull. So true about this brand. With $30 for the kit, yet high quality products that are easy to use, we can’t see where you can go wrong with a purchase from Bull Smoke. Read consumer reviews, they all rave about BullSmoke.  Simple enough for new users, strong enough for experienced e-smokers. We’re not lying when we compare the quality to that of the top brands in our rankings, we just can’t quite give them the top spot due to the lack of many accessories (though they are coming out with a Personal Charging Case soon which we are really looking forward to getting our hands on). All around, solid brand at a great price. Click below and get your hands on a Ranch Hand!

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