Crown 7

By Vinny Vapor

Crown Seven is a USA based electronic cigarette brand that offers free shipping on all products that are purchased online.

I like the really sleek look of their website with the dark, black tones, and the side-scroller on the homepage really presents their products well.

I dug around the website and picked up some of their products, and here’s my findings.

Crown 7 Electronic Cigarettes Review

Starter Kits

Crown 7 logoThe revolutionary all kits range includes: The Gladiator Kit is $34.99 and is probably one of their best sellers. I was eager to try this out and was very happy when it arrived – I’ll take this moment to mention how quickly it arrived and the care in which it was packaged – great customer service! It’s got a 650 mAh battery and is really easy to use with the push of a button. It’s deceptively small, but works great, and is nice to have on-the-go as it fits easily in your pocket or purse. I’ve been carrying this around a lot lately.

Crown7 Gladiator Ecig

Buy a Gladiator here!

The next step up, and the only other kit I’d suggest taking a look at here at Crown 7, is the LXE E Cigarette Kit. This thing is really sleek, I was amazed the moment I opened the box. It comes with 1 Crown Pack (1 battery, 1 USB charger, 3 cartomizers), 1 more extra battery, a carrying case, car charger, wall adapter, and two more 5-packs of cartomizers. All this for $44.95, it’s a heck of a deal and my recommended buy at Crown 7 E Cigarettes. Incredible product, unbeatable value.

Crown 7 Electronic Cigarettes LXE Kit


They have a number of different types of cartomizers, refills, and electronic cigarette liquid bottles for sale at Crown 7. You can get refill bottles in USA blend tobacco, menthol, red alert, chocolate, strawberry, fruit punch, vanilla, cherry and grape flavors. Some tasty stuff there. You can also buy cartomizer refills in 0, low, medium and high nicotine strengths. Also, you can buy extra packs of clearomizers, because you can never have enough of those laying around.


Gladiator battery and charger both these products can be purchased separately for $21.99 and $7.99, respectively. In addition to the gladiator charger, there are other types of chargers also available including the HYDRO Imperial car, wall and USB charger. There is also a whole range of different carrying cases for you to choose from.

Crown7 Electronic Cigarettes


Soft tip flavored disposables costing $8.99 each and the flavor range includes, tobacco, menthol, juicy grape, strawberry, peach mango, double apple, razzleberry. These disposables last for around 300 puffs each and are a solid buy. They’re nice to have when you’re out of the house and don’t have to worry about recharging the battery. Just use it up until the flavor/vapor runs out and start using a new one. They’re pretty small, it’s like having a pen in your pocket and you can have a couple on you, no problem.

Currently we don’t have any discount codes for Crown 7 electronic cigarettes, but we’re on the lookout and will post some if we come across them as we constantly update our vapor cigarette reviews with new info.

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