Emerald Lux

By Vinny Vapor

Emerald Lux is a brand of electronic cigarettes based in the United States. The brand deals in mini style/pen style electronic cigarettes that use cartomizers for their nicotine and vapor delivery. There are a couple of starter kits on list that can help you get started or get the best out of the brand.

Following kits are listed below:

Starter kits

Emerald Lux Ver.2 Atomizer Kit

The Emerald Lux Ver.2 Atomizer kit uses cartridge and atomizer to deliver nicotine and vapor. This kit includes a single battery, a USB charger and couple of cartridges.

Emerald Lux Ver.2 Cartomizer Kit

The Emerald Lux Ver.2 Cartomizer Kit is Emerald Lux’s most popular starter kit. This kit not only uses cartomizers to deliver nicotine and flavor, but also has extras included. The kit contains 1 battery, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 1 car charger and 5 cartomizers within the kit. You can also select the nicotine strength of your cartomizers before they are delivered to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Emerald Lux offers all of its starter kits at a 14 day money back guarantee. So whether you are new or an expert ecig user, you can shop safely at Emerald Lux.

They are a bit short of accessories, but that’s okay.  Sometimes, less is more.

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