By Vinny Vapor

Envy ReviewEnvy E Cig is an American electric cigarette brand that is often known for its budget friendly ecig starter kits. This brand is extremely affordable and is meant for beginners only. The brand mostly focuses on express starter kits that don’t carry top notch extras but provide you with enough gear to successfully and smoothly start vaping on an electronic cigarette.

Envy E Cig Review

Being affordable and reasonable is tough in today’s business world, this is why Envy E Cig has kept its electronic cigarette very simple in terms of design and other features. But the focus has been always on performance and delivery so that the user can take full advantage of the device.

Envy E Cig is the perfect brand for you if you are hesitant to spend money on something you are not so sure about. The affordable starter kits will give you an electronic cigarette with two cartridges and a USB charger to start vaping immediately. You won’t find a fancy looking device here because of the price, but we promise that the brand still gives you a simulated experience that will get you your nicotine fix in. Apart from that, there are some extra accessories like a carrying case to make your life easier, plus the money back guarantee offered by the company means you can start risk free immediately.

They also offer the widest selection of vape pens.  We’ll be expanding our library and including vape pen reviews as they are a growing part of this market.

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