Free Cigs

By Vinny Vapor

Free Cigs is a vapor cigarette brand based in the United States. The name Free Cigs doesn’t mean you get free ecigarettes, instead it suggests a smoke free experience from regular cigarettes that bring a lot of different diseases at your door.

Like many main stream brands, Free Cigs have starter kits to cater the needs of every kind of ecigarette user out there. Their most sold electronic cigarette is their mini style ecig which is affordable, light weight and heavy on power. The design of their ecig is also pretty sleek and elegant and is meant for people who are very strict about how good their gadgets look like. Apart from the design, the vapor volume and power is also quite top notch.

Free Cigs also has many different liquid flavors listed on their website that work with all of their starter kits. Some of the best flavors include the Riddler, Menthol, Soda Shop, classic tobacco and Coffee and Tea. Try out these flavors before you go for any other. We highly recommend trying the classic tobacco flavor if you are very new to the brand or electronic cigarettes.

Free Cigs electronic cigarettes are shipped worldwide and come with a money back guarantee.

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