Freedom Smoke USA

By Vinny Vapor

Freedom Smoke USA is an electronic cigarette brand that is working hard to gain the attention of regular cigarette users. Their aim is to make USA smoke free by converting regular smokers into vapors. So far they have been doing quite well and even their name suggests that you get more freedom to vape when you shift to electronic cigarettes.

Freedom Smoke USA is not an electronic cigarette brand; it is infact an ecig super store that deals mostly in ecig juices but also carries a huge list of electronic cigarettes to cater the needs of beginners and experienced ecig users.

The online store is mostly used for its authentic electronic cigarette juices that come in a huge variety. The best bit about their flavors are that they are 100% VG or PG depending on your choice. Their aren’t many Ejuice manufacturers out there who carry VG based flavors since these can be a little expensive to carry. The store offers its customers the chance to select their flavors with full VG or PG or a mix of both if required.

In order to get the best out of their flavors, you will require a refillable tank which is also available from the store. So try one of their ecig kits and flavors and let us know how much you liked or disliked them.

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