Good E Juice

By Vinny Vapor

There’s a reason why this brand has the word “Good” in it’s name. If you’re going to have something like that in your company name, you better back it up with your products, and I found that to be just the case when trying out a kit and some e-liquid here.

A “good” choice, but I wouldn’t say great, this brand delivers a solid product but lacks in a few areas for me to put it near the top of my electronic cigarette rankings. Let’s get into further details on what makes Good E Juice a quality choice, and also what holds it back from being a “must-buy” in my opinion.

Good E Juice Review

Good E Juice LogoWhat first caught my attention at Good e Juice is that though they have “juice” in their name, they have a lot to offer outside of e-liquids. There are eight different starter kits to choose from, ranging from a very basic express kit to more comprehensive kits, with both the traditional 2-piece (cartridge and battery) style e-cigs as well as personal vaporizers with blank “tanks” for e-liquid. They also have an e-cigar kit, which I would like to try out on a future order.

I picked up two of their kits to see what they were working with in the cartridge/battery category as well as the refillable vaporizer style e-cigarettes. The first is the Kanger 808D Electronic Cigarette Kit for $34.99 which comes with the following:

  • 2 batteries
  • USB charger
  • Wall adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • 6 empty cartomizers (“cartridges” – each can be filled with around 1.1mL of e-liquid, good for about 200 puffs)

Kanger 808D Kit

What was interesting with this kit versus the other brands that sell this style of e-cigarette, is this is the only brand off the top of my head where the cartomizers are refillable. Usually they come pre-filled and you simply toss it and replace it with a fresh one when it runs out.

Unfortunately, the eliquid is sold separately with this kit so the $35 alone won’t get you everything you need. I did pick up some e-liquid on the side and the performance was strong, good batteries. The cartomizers did the job alright, but when I’m buying a refillable style with a big tank like in the next kit I review.

I found myself having to fill these cartomizers up too often, which is why I recommend buying the Kanger EMOW Mega 1600mAh Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Kit. For $54.99, here’s what you get:

  • 1 EVOD battery
  • 1 EMOW mega glassomizer
  • 5 Replacement atomizer heads
  • Wall adapter
  • USB charger
  • Instruction Manual

Kanger EMOW Mega 1600mAh Kit

The battery in this is an absolute beast. Huge step up in technology from the previously described kit. The 1600 mAh battery in this kit will last all day. Lots of power inside it. Aside from battery life, it performs very well when vaping. Nice smooth pull off of it every time, good hits of vapor. What’s even cooler is, if you can’t tell by the name of the kit, it has a dial where you can adjust the voltage level so you can really fine-tune the vapor production to your tastes.

Again, I was a little turned off that you have to buy e-juice separately with this kit, but the hardware itself is pretty impressive.

Where Good E-Juice stands out it, as you can guess, is in their e juice offerings. This is like a megastore of e-liquids that sells their own label of eliquid as well as carry 7 other brands in their store. Between all those different choices, there are more flavors then I can even list here – you can get lost browsing their inventory. I did try out some unique flavors that really popped out at me, like “Banana Montana” and “Cured Apple”, and of course I always like to try out their traditional tobacco offering so I can get a apples-to-apples comparison with other brands, and all of them that I tried were pretty good.The prices of e liquid varies from brand to brand in the Good E Juice store, but all were reasonably priced.

Aside from the kits and ejuices, there are a lot of accessories available like drip tips, extra batteries cartomizers, tanks, carrying cases, charging accessories, adapters and stuff like that. The Good E Juice site is less of one singular brand, more of a retailer for various manufacturers, so there is a wealth of different products available.

100% USA Lab Made eLiquid

Final Thoughts

There’s good and bad about this brand. I like that they sell pretty much everything there, but they lack a brand identity – like I said they’re more of an online warehouse selling for a number of manufacturers (like Kanger or eGo). I did like the kits I tried, especially the EMOW kit, some pretty good hardware there, though I wish the kit also had eliquid along with it. Overall this is a decent brand, but if you’re looking for e-liquid and vaporizers I can’t help but harp on VaporZone (linked to with the other reviews in the right sidebar, just scroll up) which I consider one of the best brands in the industry.

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