By Vinny Vapor

Based in Sugar Land, TX, GotVapes is an electronic cigarette retailer that offers ecig and related products of various manufacturers all at one place.  Thanks for reading this and our entire library of e-cigarette reviews.

Starter Kits 

In order to get started on electronic smoking, users can get the GotVapes StartMeUp new vaper complete kit or the GotVapes StartMeUp! New Vaper Kit with Pass Through. The former is available for $79.95 whereas the latter is priced at $59.95.


Also available at GotVapes are Fluxomizers. The fluxomizers are available in different packs and include the eGo Vertical Cone (in chrome and black), TC 510 clearo fluxomizer, 2014 TC 510 Clearo-5Pk Green NR 2.4 ohm among others.


GotVapes offers two different types of eliquid- the Flux Nectar Ejuice and the LIQUA premium Italian ejuice. Since there are two types of liquids and many categories to choose from, users can expect to find a lot of variety in eliquid at GotVapes. Some flavor choices include Berry, Citrus, Menthol, Tobacco and various others.

Other Products

GotVapes offers other ecig products such as atomizers, clearomizers, drip tips, ecig accessories, mods, batteries, cartomizers, tanks and others.


More information about GotVapes can be obtained from the company’s official website. Users can place their orders directly on the site and pay via Visa, Mastercard and other payment options.

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