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By Vinny Vapor

Halo Cigs are well-known for their eGo style vaporizers with a slick design and raw power. They really make their products stand out with bold colors and use the same in their marketing, really separating themselves for the run-0f-the-mill brands out there, and after we got a look at them we couldn’t wait to try them out.  This is another one of our most popular e cig reviews.

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HaloCigs Vaporizers Review

Technology and Design

Halo utilizes the vaporizer, tank system design with their e-cigarettes. It’s a thick battery than what you would see with the battery/cartridge style vapes, and you buy e-liquid to fill up the tank. You’ll see what we mean below when we get to talking about their kits. They have a few different battery designs and we’ve been very impressed with the power of each, as well as the smooth, big hit of vapor produced.



Halo is an industry pioneer when it comes to producing their own e-liquid. All of their e-liqs (or “juices”) are made of 100% safe to use ingredients, professionally manufactured in the most stringently regulated labs. They take their smoke juice seriously and the results are evident when we got a chance to try them – full of rich flavor, goes down smooth, nice throat hit, big vapor. There’s tons of different varieties to choose from as well.

Starter Kits

There are two types of kits at Halo – the G6 and the Triton. Both of these types have many different variations underneath them, so there are a lot to choose from depending on your preferences. We’d say that the G6 is good for newer e-smokers, while the Triton is for the more hardcore vapers.

G6 Starter Kits

All of the different kits in the G6 category are available for $44.99 and come with the following:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 5-Pack of Cartomizers
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Adapter
  • Halo Case
HaloCigs G6

G6 Kit

Triton Starter Kits

All of the Triton Starter kits are $64.99 and contain:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Clear Tanks
  • Jet Black Cone
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Adapter
  • Halo Case
HaloCigs Triton

Triton Kit

Where to Buy

You can start shopping for these products on their official website at halocigs.com. They have free shipping for all orders over $75. They have recently begun to grow a retail, brick-and-mortar, presence and you can search on their website for a retailer local to you.

Reward Points

One of the few in the industry that has a rewards program, you earn points with each order and can use them for discounts on future orders. Additionally you can earn points by sharing your love of Halo through social networks, customer referrals, or written a review/testimonial. Lots of way to save and a nice program to reward customer loyalty.

The Verdict on Halo Cigs

This is one of our top recommendations, and when it comes to vaporizers we’d put them at #2 only behind Vapor Zone in that niche of the e-cig industry. We strongly recommend this brand and urge you to navigate over to their website and see for yourself – and take a look at the teaser video below with some of the brand’s major selling points.


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Halo E-liquid

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