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Henley Vape is a rather new entrant to the electronic cigarette industry, but they’ve made a great impression on me right out of the box with their high quality products and affordable prices. When you couple the fact that I have some valuable Henley coupons, you get a tremendous value play that you don’t find too often in this industry!

You may not see them on a lot of e-cig review sites quite yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a great product there – word is just getting out. I was happy to pick up some of their products and give them a test drive, and after trying them out I feel certain this brand will be a player in the market for quite a while.

I spent a lot of time on their website to get the story of the brand, and I really digging what the brand is all about. Like me, the founders of Henley are former smokers of tobacco cigarettes and wanted to make a lifestyle change. They tried out some e-cigs, enjoyed what the experienced, but felt it was somewhat lacking so they decided to come up with an e-cig company of their own. They had a big focus on R&D, making sure the product was just what they wanted – something they could stand behind – and I must saying it’s worth a look.

What I also like about this up and coming e-cig brand is that they’ve expanded from being just an e-commerce seller, but they have a brick and mortar presence with their vape bar in NYC called The Vaporium. It is actually NYC’s first vape shop, lounge and cafe. I haven’t had a chance to visit myself, but am looking forward to doing so sometime, as everything I’ve heard about it is great.


 Henley Vape Review


They have 6 different kits for sale at Henley, with something for everyone, but I’ll go into detail on the two kits that I tested out which I also believe to be the two best kits they offer.

The first is the EGO CE4 Kit II. For $66 here’s what you get:

  • 2 eGo batteries
  • 2 CE4 clearomizers
  • USB charger
  • AC adaptor
  • Carrying bag
  • Instruction Manual

Henley EGO Kit

My first impression when unpacking this kit, as you can tell by the photo above, is that it’s pretty sleek. It’s great having two batteries so you can always be using one while the other is charging. Another nice feature of the batteries is you get your choice of two styles, one is standard and the other has variable voltage to really customize your vaping. I picked up one of each and the performance is stellar. Henley vapes are the refillable, clearomizer style e-cigarettes and I found that they were really easy to use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll have no problem getting into this brand, and if you’re a veteran vaper, you won’t be let down by the quality of these products.

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Each clearomizer holds 1.6 mL of liquid which will keep you puffing on it for quite a while, and refilling was a breeze. The batteries lasted seemingly forever as well. Assembly was very easy and the pieces screwed together snugly. As mentioned in the intro to this review, they spent a lot of time on R&D and it shows in the craftsmanship.

For a little tutorial on using Henley, take a look at the video below:


If you’re looking for more, the most comprehensive kit at Henley is the iTaste 134 Kit. It comes with a higher price tag of $150, but I mean just take a look at this thing in the photo below.

Henley iTaste 134 Vaporizer

Buy the iTaste 134 now at HenleyVape.com!

That’s some space-age looking technology there and let me tell you that the performance of this thing is incredible. This is a must-have for those into mods, lots of power. It’s a bit on the hefty size but still pretty easy to use.

It uses a 18650 battery with adjustable voltage from 6.5 watts to 12.5 watts which is easily adjusted by turning the dial.

Here’s all that’s included with the iTaste 134:

  • iTaste 134 battery
  • iClear 30 dual coil tank
  • iTaste 134 hard case
  • Instruction manual

If you’re got the budget and are looking for the real deal, this kit packs a serious punch and is only rivaled by some of the higher-end kits at Vapor Zone, one of my top recommendations on this site.


There is no shortage of choices here. Henley manufactures their own e-liquid, available in 11 different flavors, and the ones I tried were amazing. However, on their site they are also sellers of other such as Pink Spot, 4 Seasonz, Alpha Vape and Blue Label, each with a big variety of flavors of their own. Between all these options you will definitely find what you’re looking for.

E-Juice 468x60

As this is a review of Henley, I wanted to try out a few of the flavors they themselves produce. I picked up the NY4, which is a caramel tobacco, since I hadn’t seen something like that offered elsewhere. Great, rich taste and produced a healthy cloud of vapor with a great throat hit. I also tried out Brighton Peach (peach/pear/brown sugar combination) and loved it, as well as Big Dapple (apples and cinnamon) and similarly was impressed. I gotta imagine all the others are just as good. Lots of unique blends available here.


Final Word on Henley

Henley isn’t just selling vaporizers, they are selling the whole vaping experience. I love their expansion into brick and mortar outlets where you can sit in and test out different hardware and e-liquid blends. The Vaporium is attended to by what they call their “Vapologists” and if you go over to their YouTube channel you can see quick introduction videos of their staff. This brand is very active, whether it be with their vape shop or social media, and really seems on a mission to take vaporizers to a whole new level.

I loved everything I tried at Henley, and am quite impressed by this up and coming brand. You’ll certainly be hearing more about them in the future and I can’t get them enough of a recommendation.

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