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By Vinny Vapor

There seems to be another brand of electronic cigarettes joining the market every week, and to the untrained eye it can be tough to separate the pretenders from the contenders.

I’d been hearing good things about Mig Cigs lately, checked out their website to take a look at their goods, and decided to pick up some of their product and see what it is all about. Right out of the box I’m impressed with the battery power here, it’s one of their selling points – they boast on their website it is the longest lasting battery on the market. I haven’t taken the time to compare it to all the other brands I’ve tried and feature on this site, but I will attest that they last a long time between charges and deliver a powerful hit.

My full thoughts on this brand follow below in my Mig Cigs Review. If you want me to cut to the chase – Mig Cigs is a strong company and worth a look, though I’m still partial to my top choices like V2 Cigs and the vaporizers at VaporFi.

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There is no shortage of options when it comes to kits at Mig Cigs. There are 9 different kits to choose from, ranging from low-budget entry level kits to fairly comprehensive kits for the e-cigarette veterans, as well kits that utilize cartridges and those that come with refillable tanks and e-liquid.

I decided to buy a couple of their kits to get a feel for what this brand offers, starting with the Standard Kit for $59.95. This kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, 10 cartridges (two 5-packs in your choice of flavor and strength), charging accessories (USB charger and wall adapter), instruction manual, and you can add a carrying case for $10 more (available in white, black or pink).

Mig Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

I was very impressed with the battery power – lasted a long time between charges, delivered a strong hit, and charged up quickly when it needed to be recharged. The two different cartridges that I tried were pretty tasty. I bought the Sahara Classic so I could get a feel for their tobacco offerings, which was quite good, as well as their Blueberry Classic flavor. Both very good. They have a total of 10 flavors to choose from, all ranging from 0% nicotine to 2.4% nicotine and various intervals in between, such as Menthol, Miami Fusion, Vanilla, Coffee and others.

Mig Cigs are a Statement of Style

For an introductory kit, this is a strong offering and the products are great, but I can’t overlook that you can get this same bundle of products (2 batteries, chargers, 10 cartridges) for half the price at Bull Smoke with their Ranch Hand Kit for $29.95, which is an awesome product that I confidently put among my top ranked e-cigarettes, as I noted on this page.

I also tried out the Mig 21 Kit so I could see how their tank style e-cigs performed. This kits sells for $69.95 and is a big markdown from its previous price of $83.95 and is a great value at any price. Here’s what’s all included::

  • 2  batteries
  • 2 1.3 mL refillable tanks
  • Wall adapter
  • USB charger
  • Carrying case

Mig Cigs Tank Kit

I compare the style of this e-cigarette kit to that of one of my favorites at Vapor Zone (particularly the Express Kit).  (See it here if you haven’t read about it yet.)

There’s a lot of power in the battery here, just like with the previous kit I described, and there was a lot of flavor in the e-liquids I sampled. This kit was very easy to use – the mouthpiece on the tank screws off easily and you drip the e-liquid into the tank to the top of the fill line, then screw the mouthpiece back on and screw the whole tank onto the battery. This is an all-around solid product, and it’s nice getting the carrying case with it as well so you have all the products together for easy transport.

I bought the Miami Fusion e-liquid, which is a blend of blueberry, strawberry, banana and tobacco, and really enjoyed the taste, as well as their Colombian Coffee e-liquid and was impressed with both. I’m definitely going to be picking up more liquid from Mig Cigs as they have a lot of interesting flavors that have piqued my interest. Big hits of vapor, nice throat hit, full of taste.

As mentioned earlier, there are more kits to choose from than these two. If you’re on a budget, there is the Super Save Kit or the Economy Kit which are nice entries into the world of vaping. If you want the whole package, they also have the Standard Plus Kit and the Supreme Kit that come with tons of batteries, cartridges/e-liquids and accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, they’ll have something to suit your tastes and budget at Mig Cigs.

Wrapping Up the Mig Cigs Review

There’s tons of new brands always coming to market in this growing industry. Some impress, some fall flat. Mig Cigs is one of the former and is why I don’t hesitate to give it high marks in my review. I’ll definitely be picking up more of their cartridges and e-liquids in the future when my current supply runs out. I was impressed from the get-go with this brand, starting with the packaging and presentation, right down to the performance of the product. They may not have the name recognition of some of the bigger brands quite yet, but I have a feeling they’ll be around for a while. Still, as much as I enjoyed using this brand, I still can’t put it up there with my top recommendation V2 Cigs – simply the best all-around product out there.  If you haven’t read that one, it’s a must read.

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