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There seems to be another new e-cig brand joining the market every time I log on to the internet. I normally try to avoid getting caught up in them, for my readers know that I’m crazy about e-cigs and love trying out new brands. With all my experience with so many e-cigarette brands, I’m pretty quick at sniffing out a pretender from a contender and can figure out whether a new brand is legit just with a quick glance. Basically the same product you see everywhere, just with a new logo slapped on it.

I came across NEWhere recently, did a little research, and quickly knew that it was one that I wanted to try out. It really stuck out to me with their focus on e-hookahs and e-cigars, as opposed to the traditional battery and cartridge or refillable e-liquid vaporizers you see elsewhere. Other brands sell these, but more as a side business and not their main focus. With NEWhere, this is what they’re all about so I decided to give them a test run.

NEWHere E Hookah Review

NEWhere logoThe first thing that popped out to me was the packaging – these would look great on retail shelves. Real sharp and attractive design. Looking at the products on their website, this is one of the things that lured me in to buying it — a lot of the new brands you can tell right away that they didn’t put much thought into them and just quickly wanted to get their product to the market, but with NEWhere you can tell the amount of thought that went into the brand as a whole.

But besides that, let’s get to what you’re really here for – what’s good about this brand’s products and performance?

As mentioned above, they specialize in e-hookahs and they have a lot to choose from (with some clever names, I might add): Piña Colada, Big Melons, Pink Lemonade, Sour Appletini, Bananaberry, Orange Cream, Chocolate Chill, Smoothberry, Vanilla Thrilla, Island Squeeze and Grape Gatsby.

NEWhere HookahI tried out a few of them and really enjoyed them all. The Orange Cream was particularly good, and as a guy I of course got suckered into trying “Big Melons” (forgive me!). Bananaberry was also very rich in flavor, as well as Grape Gatsby. I look forward to ordering more and seeing how they all taste. If the rest are anything like the ones I sampled, I’m sure I’ll like them.

The biggest drawback of these, however, is that they are only sold in zero nicotine strength. I really wish they offered them in varying levels of nicotine, as that is a killer for me. But if you just want them for the muscle memory, you like the familiarity of putting it to your lips and having a big inhale/exhale, these taste great.

The e-hookahs are single-use disposable e-cigarettes. When one runs out of flavor and doesn’t activate anymore when you puff on it, simply throw it away and vape on a new one. They’re convenient to have since you don’t need to worry about recharging your batteries, and they are small enough that it isn’t bulky to be carrying an extra one around with you.

I was impressed with the vapor production in these as much as I was with the taste. Real high quality products. With other brands, the disposables are meant more as add-on products and not a lot of investment is made in them, and you can tell the difference in performance between the other brands and these hookahs at NEWhere where they are their bread and butter.

NEWhere E-CigarThe hookahs sell for $9.99 each and you can get quantity discounts when buying 3 or more (5% savings), 6+ (15% savings), or 12+ (24% savings).

Another thing that differentiates NEwhere from other brands is their e-cigar which they call “The Boss”. These are sold for $19.99 and really pack a lot of power. Available in two flavors, Watermelon and Orange Pineapple, these cigars last for an incredible 1,000 puffs and are well worth the premium price over their e-hookahs if these flavors are desirable to you. However, I don’t really know what to think about them – someone looking for an e-cigar is probably looking for a classic tobacco cigar taste, not something fruity like the flavors they offer. I gave them a try, but was really yearning for that tobacco taste. The performance was good, but I think the execution was off here.

So what do I think about NEWhere E-Hookahs?

This brand will probably do quite well on retail shelves with their eye-catching design and the clever marketing of their different flavors, but overall I can’t rate this brand as high as some of the other top recommendations on this site such as V2 Cigs (my favorite all-around brand) or White Cloud (my top choice for disposable e-cigs, which they call “Flings”). Both of those brands are linked to in the sidebar on the right side of this page if you scroll up. Only having zero nicotine hookahs was a deal-breaker for me ultimately, but there’s a market for everything.

NEwhere E-Hookah

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