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Having opened for business in 2008, Premium Vapes is one of the first electronic cigarettes to hit the market, and to this day remains one of the top distributors in the U.S. and Europe. In what’s becoming a crazy market, with so many new brands coming and going and trying to cash in on the popularity of these devices, Premium has withstood the test of the time and has had one of the longest tenures in the e-cig industry. The reasons are simple – they have great products, competitive prices, and are always reinvesting in themselves to better their products year after year and stay at the forefront. Having given their products a test drive, I’m a full believer in this brand.

Premium Vapes Review

Starter Kits

When picking out a kit to try out, the first thing that blew me away was all the options for customizing your e-cig experience. No matter your preferences or budget, there is something for everyone at Premium. They have custom battery designs, a huge variety of colors for their accessories, and 8 different kits to choose from. No other brand I review on here can match that variety offered here. I tried a few out and provide my top recommendations below.

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The top selling kit at Premium is their PR110 Starter Kit which they sell for $79.95With this kit you get the standard two-piece battery and cartridge e-cigarette, with all the following items:

  • 5 cartridges
  • 2 batteries
  • USB charger
  • AC adapter
  • Users Manual
Premium PR110 E Cigs

PR110 Kit

As I describe above, a  big thing at Premium is the options you have to customize your order. There are 15 different battery colors to choose from, and there are 19 different cartridge flavors available in 5 nicotine strengths (0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg). You get about 250 drags out of a single cartridge, more than a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

I was very impressed with the quality of the battery and cartridges received with this kit. The battery lasts quite a long time between charges, and since you have two batteries with this kit you can always have one charging while you use the other and never be without your e-cigs. I really liked the cartridges – full of flavor, big hits of vapor.

If you’re looking for something with a little more power, the next step up is the PR111 Kit. With this one you get everything that is in the kit detailed above, but with slightly longer batteries, lasting about 50% longer between charges. If you’re a more habitual smoker, this is probably the better choice for you. It is only $10 more at $89.95.

If you’re looking for an even more powerful battery, the EGO Starter Kit is definitely your choice. This is their most powerful battery variety. Priced at $79.95, here’s what you get:

  • 1 EGO manual battery
  • 2 Premium cartomizers
  • USB charger
  • AC/USB adapter
  • 1 cartomizer case
Premium EGO E Cig

EGO Starter Kit

The first thing I need to mention is the battery life – this thing last so long. They advertise on their site that it will go for 800 puffs. I didn’t bother to count,, but I don’t doubt their claim, I puffed on this thing forever before it blinked at me indicating it needed to be recharged.

This kit uses the same cartridges as the other kits previously reviewed, though it requires a different assembly. You screw the battery into a cartomizer casing, then on the other end of the casing you screw on the cartomizer (you can see a fully-assembled EGO battery and cartomizer in the picture above). There is a push-button on the side that operates the production of vapor, as opposed to being activated by your inhalation like with the other batteries. You get a more even, consistent flow of vapor with this as it doesn’t have the variation that may come with your own inhalation. Monstrous, full pulls of vapor and a nice throat hit with this battery. Highly recommend you get this kit if you’re looking for the best Premium has to offer.


As mentioned above, you can get a lot of battery varieties. I’d rather show than tell, so pictured below are all the different ones to choose from.

Premium electronic cigarette

Customize Your Premium Order Now!

You can also buy custom design batteries, with stuff like an American flag pattern, or roses or swirls or skull & bones patterns, and a ton more that it would take too long to list. Simply put, nobody will be mistaking your battery for theirs.

The battery designs described above are all for the batteries that come in the PR110 and PR111 kits. With the EGO Kit there are 8 different battery colors to choose from.


In my review of the kits above I talk about how great the cartridges taste and how much vapor they produce. Premium’s cartridges are legit. I got my hands on a few flavors and really liked them all. In total they have 19 different cartridges to choose from, in five nicotine strengths, so there’s something for everybody.

If you’re a tobacco purist, they are known for their Tobacco cartridge at Premium and they do it very well, as they do with their Menthol and Clove flavors. There’s a ton of assorted flavors too, like Apple and Watermelon and other delicious tastes.


There’s a lot of accessories for purchase at Premium. Carrying cases to lug around your kit, batteries and cartomizers, lots of different charging adapters (car adapters, portable charging units), cleaning kits and other items. Premium also has an e-cigar, which I haven’t tried out but would really like to soon. It apparently is high nicotine strength, lasts for 1,000 pulls, and mimics the look of a real cigar. They also have an e-pipe.

The Verdict on Premium

Nothing but good things to say about this brand. It’s easy to see why they’ve been around so long and are here to stay. Do yourself a favor and pick up the PR111 Kit or the EGO Kit and you won’t be disappointed.

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