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We have no hesitation to call this the top electronic cigarette on the market. They have the top all-around product, regardless if you’re new to e-cigs or a veteran vaper, combined with some great accessories, competitive prices, and some of the best customer service we’ve dealt with.  Most people just dive right in with two feet, yet come to this page for a V2cigs coupon codes to save 10, 15, 20, or even 40% off.  (Scroll down to see how to save 40% – it’s a secret.)

We’ve been keen on keeping in touch with key figures at the brand and can offer the best V2 coupons that are always current and never expiring.

V2 Coupons 15% OFF on All Starter Kits, and
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V2 Coupons and Review

Starter Kits

They have five different kits, ranging from simple to comprehensive, so there’s something for everybody here. The best seller is the Standard Kit, which is what we gave a test drive first and review below.

V2 Standard Kit

This popular kit is priced at $59.95 and includes the following:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 10 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • User Manual
V2 Coupon Codes

V2 Standard Kit

Buy the Standard Kit at V2Cigs.com

Standard Plus Kit

If that whets your appetite, but you’re looking for a little something extra, the next kit up from that is the Standard Plus. Here’s what you get for $99.95:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 10 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 Portable Charging Case
  • User Manual
V2 Coupon

Standard Plus Kit

Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate sells for $169.95, and it was given an appropriate name, because this is the ULTIMATE kit, everything you could want from this brand. If you were to buy all these batteries, cartridges and accessories separately it would cost you a whole lot more than the price of this kit, and is why we recommend this as the best value when shopping at V2 . Here’s what it comes with:

  • 3 batteries
  • 25 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 2 amp Car Adapter
  • 1 Portable Charging Case XL
  • 1 Power-Cig
  • 1 Metal Carry Case
  • 1 Lanyard
  • User Manual
V2 Coupons

Ultimate Kit

Visit V2 Cigs Online: ——>  Official Site

In hindsight, we should have bought this kit right out of the gate, before we knew how much we would enjoy their products, because once we got a taste of V2 we wanted a bit of everything they offer. With all the extra batteries and cartridges, adapters and accessories, this is definitely the one to buy if you really want the V2 experience.


This is one of their strongest areas, the batteries are top notch. They seemingly last forever between charges, recharge in a short time, and the craftsmanship and durability is great. Also, another cool thing is you get to choose the batteries you want with your kit purchase. Choose between three different sizes (the “Shorty”, the “Standard”, or the “Long”), five different colors (white, black, stainless steel, blue or pink), and two different styles (automatic or manual). You can also purchase extra batteries separately. As we mentioned in the beginning of this review, they are always coming out with new generations of their products, and their new EX batteries are the best we’ve tried yet.

V2 Cigs


Probably the best thing about V2, one of the big reasons we have them rated as #1. They have a few different tobacco varieties, including V2 Red (our personal favorite, an American Tobacco), Congress (a Refined Tobacco taste), and Sahara (Turkish Tobacco). They also have a Menthol, if that’s your cig of choice. Assorted flavors include Mint Tea, Peppermint, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Grape, and Cola. You can get them in five different nicotine strengths (2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% or 0% nicotine).


Better than any other brand out there. Our favorite is the Personal Charging Case (“PCC”), which is about the size of an iPod or smartphone and is a carrying case that fits a battery and cartridges, while at the same time also recharges your battery while in storage. You just need to charge PCC and you’re good to go! When you’re not at home, near a computer or wall outlet, it’s nice to have a portable charger like this. Pretty sleek. It even has light-up indicators that tell you how much power is left in your batteries as well as the PCC itself. It sells for $59.95 and you can get it in black, white or stainless steel. The inclusion of the PCC alone makes it worth it to upgrade to a Standard Plus or Ultimate Kit. V2 also sells other carrying cases (that don’t have the portable charging capability) in hard or soft shells. As for other accessories, they have lots of charging adapters for you car, European outlets, etc., as well as lanyards and apparel.


Personal Charging Case

Get your hands on the PCC here!


If you’re looking for a quick fix and want to sample their goods without making a big investment, you can try their disposable e-cigarettes. These are single-use vapor cigarettes that don’t require any charging or replacing cartridges. Simply use it until it runs out and then toss it in the trash and start puffing on a fresh one. They last pretty long, about 400 puffs. It’s not a bad idea to have a few of these laying around and not having to worry about being near a power source to recharge the battery. You can get a 5-pack for $29.95, with lower prices offered when buying in larger quantities.

Our Final Thoughts

We all agree here – this is the top choice in the e-cig industry. We love everything about this brand. Everything from their kits, the strong batteries, the tasty cartridges and the amount of vapor they produce, all the great accessories, combined with competitive pricing make V2 Cigs a must-buy and we have no hesitation to make this our top recommendation.

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V2 Coupons 15% OFF on All Starter Kits, and
10% OFF on Anything Else

To make a great deal even better, we’ve got some discounts to offer. You can use the coupon code (see above) that we automatically update with the latest savings (it could be a 20% V2 Coupon Code, or even a 40% V2 Cigs promo code), so you’ll automatically get whatever the “best price on V2 Cigs” is at the time you click it.  How is that for saving money?

Thanks for reading – we hope you enjoy V2 as much as we do!

Breaking:  Make sure to check out my review of the latest release, the V2 Pro Series!  (photo below)

V2 Pro Series Vaporizer

The vaporizers offered by V2.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

This is normally the last electric cigarette review people read, because when they try V2 and don’t look back.

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