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By Vinny Vapor

There is a strong reputation at Vape World for being one of the best sellers of vaporizers across the US, and that reputation is rightfully earned. While it has taken a little while for vaporizers to catch on, they are now clearly the most popular vaping device these days and brands like Vape World who have been there from the beginning are reaping the benefits of the customer base they’ve built all this time.

There’s a few things I like about Vape World. They sell the high quality products. Their customer service has vapeworld logobeen outstanding with every dealing I’ve had with them. They ship everywhere, fast, and you can get free shipping in the US and Canada if you place an order of $48 or more. They have a great selection of kits for all needs and budgets, and have parts and accessories to fit tons of batteries, they pretty much have everything you’re looking for.

Also, while what you do with vaporizers and herbalizers is up to you, I like that Vape World takes a professional approach and doesn’t mention nor cater their products towards illegal uses. There are some brands out there that go after that niche particularly, and Vape World seems content to stand aside in their marketing (even though I think their products are some of the best vaporizers for weed).

Vape World Review

The VapeWorld website is pretty easy to navigate, but it can be a bit overwhelming because of all of the products they have. They have a lot of information on the site to help you decide what is the best kind of vaporizer for you. There are so many styles of batteries that operate in so many ways. Find the advantages and disadvantages of each, read customer reviews to find out how they’ve enjoyed using it, and basically don’t be afraid to do your research before making your purchase.

A good place to start on their site is the “Learning Center” and then selecting the “Buying Guide”. This walks you through the different considerations when choosing between their products, including budget, reliability, portability, ease of use, and other factors. It’s a great reference.

You can also find out more about the brand in the Learning Center. There’s a lot to say about this company, on top of the free shipping for orders of $48 or more, they also have a price match guarantee. You can shop around at other sites and try to find a better deal, but I’m guessing you’ll come back to the VapeWorld site. Great warranties, as well. And would you believe they’ve been around since 2005? Truly pioneers in the e-cig industry.


There are a lot of different vaporizers to buy from a lot of trusted names. It’s worth taking a look at each one and find out what fits you best.

One of the best selling in the industry in terms of portable vaporizers is the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom. It costs $249, so it’s definitely on the higher side, but this thing performs like a dream. Sleek, stylish, small and lightweight. This works by a conduction system and has 3 temperature settings to optimize your vaping. Strong and durable, available in 4 colors.

Vape World Pax by Ploom

Another one I tested out, because I hadn’t seen anything like it before, is the Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer. This is more price-friendly at $99, and is really cool looking. It’s got a very quiet vaporizer in it and is pretty powerful. The design is so unique, futuristic looking. A great balance of an affordable price without sacrificing any quality. Really easy to use.

Pick up an Oxygen Mini at

Vapir Oxygen Mini Vape World

Another cool, efficient piece they have is their Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, which I like to call a wood box mod. It fits in the palm of your hand, is extremely portable and easy to use. It’s billed as the world’s smallest electronic vaporizer. For $119, this is a pretty cool gadget – most of the small vaporizers like this are upwards of $250-$300.

Vape World Wood Box Mod

For the real heavy lifting, they also have desktop models. These are hefty pieces of machinery, and I wish I could say I tested them out but I have yet to. Some of them go for as high as $400, like the Volcano Vaporizer (see video below) but look so cool. I need to try that sometime!


No matter what you’re looking for, they have it for you here. The first thing in the Accessories drop-down menu is grinders, which is a must-have if you’re planning on using herb. Never underestimate the use of a good grinder. Buy a nice one once and you’ll never have to buy another.

They also have a lot of carrying cases for all your vaping products, as well as cleaning kit so you can maintain your hardware and accessories for optimal performance.

If you’re in need of replacement parts, they have a whole catalog of parts for each of the brands they sell, but they also have a great warranty so chances are you may not need to go through the trouble!

Volcano Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel

What’s Not to Love About Vape World?

There are so many cool vaporizers here, a lot of unique designs and a collection of some of the top brands around. A very impressive seller of vaporizers here at Vape World, and I’ve been impressed with all the ones I tested. I really want to get my hands on some of those desktop ones, I’ll certainly update my review when I do so.

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