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When you get a chance to try the batteries from VaporFi (previously known as Vapor Zone), you can instantly see the difference between them and the other brands out there. Amazing technology that nobody else in the industry can compare to. We have no qualms about putting them at #2 in our top e-cigarette rankings, and if you’re looking for the tank style vaporizer e-cigs, this is absolutely the top choice out there.

The first time we got our hands on some of their kits, we were immediately blown away. The batteries and accessories are just light years ahead of the rest of the competition. Some of their more comprehensive hardware seems like NASA-made stuff – we admit we had trouble figuring it out at first, but wow once we got it working we were amazed by the power behind it. We’ll go over all of the advanced functionality of our batteries in our full review below.

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VaporFi Review 2014

VaporFi Express Starter Kit

This is one of the few batteries in their offerings that looks close to what the other e-cigarette brands are selling, which is a traditional two piece design with a battery and cartridge. It’s a slim battery, about the same size as you see with V2 Cigs or Bull Smoke. However, while it looks the same from the outside, there is a world of difference in the power contained inside with their advanced lithium ion battery. The disparity in power that this provides is very evident; these batteries last forever and really pack a punch, delivering a huge hit of vapor every time. Also, another innovation at VaporFi is that the atomizer is inside the cartridge, as opposed to the battery, so you get a fresh atomizer every time you screw on a new cartridge which eliminates maintenance and trouble-shooting that you may have to do over time when the atomizer is in the battery and keeps getting used.

If you read the rest of our review and are a little wary of the advanced batteries in the more comprehensive kits, this is definitely a good buy if you’re just looking to get your feet wet. For $29.99 you get the following:

  • Standard Express Battery
  • High-Capacity Express Battery
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual
  • Membership Card

Vapor Fi Express Starter Kit

VaporFi Pro Starter Kit

If you’re looking for more than what’s provided in the Express Kit, the next level is the Pro Starter Kit. This battery is 650 mAh, 3.7 volt and is pretty powerful. If you’re familiar with eGo style electronic cigarettes, this strongly resembles that, but improves on a lot of its flaws. Lots of functionality with the manual push-button on the side which gives big, smooth hits of vapor every time. Ridiculous power and lots of control options. In the tank portion of this ecig there is a clear window on the side so you can see how much e-liquid you have left and takes out the guesswork on when you need to refill. Larger than the battery provided in the Express Kit, but smaller than the batteries we’ll discuss later in the other kits, this is a happy medium for portability and functionality. You can also get this in 10 different colors, and even get a different color battery and cartomizer to mix and match.

For $49.99, here’s what comes with this kit:

  • 1000 mAh Battery
  • Pro-L Cartomizer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • 3 Additional Atomizers
  • User Manual
  • Membership Card

Vapor Fi Pro Starter Kit

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VaporFi Air Starter Kit

This is a little like the Pro kit we detail above, but with a  little bit of a different design. It’s a nice hybrid size like we say with the Pro, not too small but not too bulky either. It has a 350 mAh battery that is pretty powerful, lasts a long time, charges quickly. It’s more rectangular shaped than the roundness of the Pro. Simple yet powerful, and competitively priced at $39.99, this is a great choice whether you’re new to e-cigs and want something that is easy to use, or a veteran e-smoker who likes simplicity.

Here’s what Air Starter Kit:

  • 350 mAh Battery
  • Air Cartomizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • User Manual

Vapor Fi Air Starter Kit

VaporFi Pulse Starter Kit

Here’s where the kits get kicked into higher gear. Simply amazing. This is high powered, pretty versatile, well designed with regards to form and functionality, and has some great accessories with it. Everything you could want in a vaporizer. You get two 750 mAh batteries that really pack a lot of power, big hits of vapor and a nice throat hit. The charging system is really cool. Like other batteries, you can plug it in with a cord, but it also comes with a circular cradle that you can rest the battery in to charge it, kind of like putting a cordless phone on a receiver. Like the Air kit, it also has the digital screen with puff count and battery reader.

VaporFi Not Your Ordinary Electronic Cigarette

The Pulse Kit is priced at $119.99 and comes with the following:

  • 2 750 mAh Batteries
  • 2 Premium Cartomizers
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • Circular Charger
  • User Manual

Vapor Fi Pulse Starter Kit

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VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit

This is the one we’re talking about in our intro when we say that some of this stuff looks NASA-made. Just a crazy design you won’t find anywhere else, it almost looks like a flashlight. It’s a little bulky, but wow is that made up for in the power that it has. This is the grand-daddy of all their hardware and is for the hardcore e-smokers out there. You couldn’t ask for anything more powerful. We’ve tried all their kits and this is by far the strongest, nothing can top its vapor production and how smooth it is. Lots of functionality, with the digital screen like the two previous kits, but another added layer is you can actually adjust the voltage to fine-tune your vaping experience. Extremely durable too. There is nothing like this anywhere else.

For $179.99 y0u get:

  • Telescopic Variable Voltage Vaporizer
  • Rechargeable High Capacity Battery
  • Rechargeable Standard Capacity Battery
  • Rebel Dual Head Tank Cartomizer
  • Wall Charger
  • User Manual

Vapor Fi Rebel Starter Kit

VaporFi E-Liquid Blends

Besides the hardware, which is unmatched anywhere else, this brand also excels in their eliquid offerings for their personal vaporizers. There are so many choices it would be laborious to list them all here. Lots of tobacco and menthol varieties, fifteen different kinds of “dessert” flavors, fifteen different “fruit” varieties, nine other assorted flavors (like Espresso, Bourbon, Cola, etc.). Plus they also have the option to blend eliquids together and make your own concoctions, and have a lot of custom blends already prepared and ready for purchase on their website.

VaporFi E-Liquid Blend Of The Month Club



If you’re looking for a vaporizer electronic cigarette, there is simply one choice – VaporFi. They have products that are so far ahead of the rest of the industry and have quickly become one of the top companies on the market. Their success is well-warranted with the high quality products they put out. Top technology, great e-liquids, definitely a must-have.

VaporFi Coupon Codes

To sweeten the deal, we have a 12% discount for our readers, applicable for all kits/hardware. Simply use the link below and it will apply the discount at checkout.

This brand goes above and beyond the call of duty when speaking in terms of educating people about how electronic cigarettes function.  In their highly informational YouTube Channel, they posted various videos made by a company representative named Mike.  These videos are “how-to” type videos, and we’ve posted them below to show how this brand goes the extra mile for it’s customer base.

Getting Started With the Express Kit

As mentioned above, the Express Kit is the solution for anyone looking for a quality product that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette.

Demonstration of What’s Inside the Jet Starter Kit

The “Jet” is the next step up in the Vapor Zone product line.

What’s Included in the VaporFi Air Kit?

The air kit has a different shape than most other e-cig batteries.  Find out more in Mike’s demonstration video below.

The Pro Starter Kit Demonstration & Tutorial

Perhaps the most popular model, this is Mike’s how-to-video for the Pro kit.

The Rebel Variable Voltage How-To-Video

The most advanced battery offered, this e-cig gives you full control of your vaping expereince. Once again, Mike goes above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate how this product works.

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