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By Vinny Vapor

I’ve been a fan of White Cloud for a long time and don’t hesitate to call them the strongest e-cigarette on the market. Their batteries are just so powerful, big vapor production and huge throat hits, no other brand can compare.

What’s the secret? They are continually investing in R&D and advancing their technology year after year. I first got my hands on White Cloud a few years ago when they had their Cirrus Kit, and were impressed with it way back then. Then they came out with the Cirrus 2 Kit, and the Cirrus 2 Plus, and then the Cirrus 3, and then the Cirrus 3X after that, and seriously it just keeps getting better with every generation of their batteries (and even the older ones are still more powerful than the competition’s current offerings). What’s more amazing is how compact their batteries are – while other brands’ are about the size of a Bic pen, these are pretty similar to the size of a traditional cigarette, which makes the power they pack even more amazing.

With all that power, you could charge a premium on these products. And in the past, they did. Their most advanced kits used to cost upwards of $300. We called them the “Rolls Royce” of e-cigs — high quality, but with a price tag. They were worth every penny, but not within everyone’s budget. But then we saw price cuts all across the board, and they were priced more in line with the rest of the industry, and these are an absolute steal now. There’s never been a better time to buy White Cloud electronic cigarettes.

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I’d seen them touted as the strongest e-cig on the market, but being a veteran vaper I kind of scoffed at it at first. Then I took a pull off of it, and nearly choked – so much vapor, wasn’t prepared for it. I passed it around the room and everyone was amazed. Serious power here. Love these e-cigs! Let’s get into a breakdown of their products.

Starter Kits

The kit you need to get here is the Cirrus 3x Electronic Cigarette Kit. Why not get the best they have available? This is their latest generation of their batteries and undoubtedly the most powerful in their arsenal. For $89.95 here’s what you get:

  • 3 Cirrus 3X Batteries – their best battery yet!
  • USB charger
  • AC Adapter
  • DC Adapter
  • 5 SmoothDraw Cartridges
  • Extended 2 Year Warranty
  • Online User Manual
White Cloud 3X Starter Kit

Cirrus 3X Kit

Seriously impressed with the strength of these – be careful with that first hit you take, you might not be prepared for how much vapor it produces! But once you acclimate to it and know how to take a pull of it, you will be more than pleased. Great that it comes with 3 batteries, you’ll always have a fresh one when you need to charge another. Not that you’ll need it with the design and technology put into these batteries, but it’s nice to have that two year warranty. You can get the batteries in white, black, or brushed metal with a grey, crystal, or black tip. Lots of personalization.

If the $90 is a little out of your range, you still can’t go wrong with one of their older generations. You can get the Cirrus 2 for $39.95Cirrus 2 Plus for $59.95 or the Cirrus 3 for $69.95, and like I mentioned before, while these aren’t their most recent technology they still blow away the other batteries on the market.

And if you want an even better deal, scroll down to the bottom of this review for a coupon code that will get you 15% off the purchase of any kit.

Buy a Cirrus Kit at White Cloud’s Website


Not only are their batteries great, but they wouldn’t be anything if the cartridges weren’t any good. No problems with that here. Just like the batteries, the cartridges are amazing. Lots of flavor, huge vapor production, tons of flavors to choose from.

Like most brands, they have a few tobacco varieties – Regular (an American cigarette taste), another called Apache (gives a taste like you’re smoking a pipe), another called Bora Bora (a cured tobacco, mild taste), and a unique one called Atlantic Cut (they describe it on their site as “a flue-cured tobacco flavor with hints of Canadian rye whiskey, caramel, apple, and maple”). Tried them all, love them all.

While every other brand usually just has on basic Menthol flavor, White Cloud boasts four. You can get original Menthol, Iced Berry Menthol, Snap (dark chocolate and mint), and Zero K (a peppermint taste).

There’s also an assortment of other flavors to choose from – Bad Apple, Peach Pit, Banana, Strawberry, Lime & Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, Espresso, and one they call Kick.

You can get any of the cartridges in six nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free up to double-extra strength.

White Cloud E-Cigs Breath of Fresh Air


Another area where they really stand out is in their disposable e-cigarettes. Most brands just offer these for the sake of having them, but don’t put much investment in them to be of high quality. Just like everything else with White Cloud e-cigs, they are the real deal and you can tell they put some thought into them. They call their disposables “Flings” and they are convenient, single-use e-cigs that you can toss after they run out, but there’s no sacrifice in quality of these versus their standard electronic cigarettes. Probably the best disposables I’ve tried out.

Lots of flavors to choose from, pretty much all the ones that you see described above in the cartridges offerings, and competitively priced at $5.95 for one, with better prices when buying in bulk (5-pack for $24.95, 10 for $39.95, 25 for $89.95, etc.).

White Cloud Disposable E Cigs

Final Thoughts – Strongest E-Cig

At the risk of repeating myself, these are some strong products – I can’t say it enough. Tons of vapor production, rich flavor, long lasting batteries, amazing disposables, great prices considering the quality of the products. You can’t go wrong choosing White Cloud e-cigarettes.

White Cloud Coupons

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