Can You Make Your Own Vaporizer at Home?

People use vaporizers or vape pens as an alternative for smoking. Research has proved that these devices are safer than regular tobacco filled cigarettes. Moreover, as their popularity has increased tremendously over the last couple of years, more manufactures have entered the market and started selling various different kinds of devices. A vaporizer basically heats tobacco or herbs from an indirect source. It warms the herbs and then creates vapors. If we compare smoke with vapors, it can be said that vapors are healthier because they don’t contain harmful chemicals. However, the best thing about vaporizers is that you can make them at home. Yes, you can make your very own vaping pen at home by just using a few objects.

Make Your Own Vaporizer

Is it feasible to make your own vaporizer?

1. Take a light bulb and cut off the metal piece from the bottom. In order to cut the metal part you can use a sharp blade or knife. Once the metal piece is removed, clear the inside of the light bulb. Remove everything and wash it.

2. Next, take a bottle cap and place it on top of the area which you just created in the first step. See if the cap fits the glass part of the light bulb. Once you have a suitable bottle cap for your light bulb, make 2 holes on it.

3. Choose the material that you wish to vaporizer and place it inside the glass part of your light bulb. Make sure that the material is finely chopped and reduced into small chunks. This will burn it evenly.

4. Once you have dropped the material inside the bulb, attach the bottle cap. If the bottle cap doesn’t fit tightly then you can apply tape on it. Insert 2 straws in the holes that you created on the bottle cap. Make sure that the straws connect the inside of the light bulb with the outside.

5. Heat the herbs that you placed inside the light bulb. You can use a lighter to heat the herbs but make sure you don’t apply the fire directly. Keep the lighter at such a position that the flame barely touches the light bulb.

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