The Marketing Tactics of Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic cigarettes owe part of their phenomenal success to the marketing strategies that have been created to make them indispensable to the struggling smoker who is just dying to quit. Ecigs were originally advertised as being able to cure the addiction of traditional cigarettes but as time passed, more and more people were able to testify that this was not the case. After this, ecig brands had to be more careful about what they were propagating. These brands were also keeping a great deal of information from the public such as the fact that ecigs had considerable side effects and implications for the health of users.

The major marketing gimmick has been to undermine the harmful long term effects that are definitely present. In advertisements, except for brands that tell it like it is like Bull Smoke e cigarettes, the ecigs are portrayed as a very glamorous product that is a must-have but in reality it is simply a less harmful version of the same terrible habit that normal smoking is. The fact that celebs use it and promote it actually makes this whole trend a lot worse as people tend to emulate them and buy the same products. With the way the popularity of ecigs is going, forecasts predict that soon there will be more ecig users than ordinary smokers. The fact that ecigs and their refills are cheaper than packs of cigarettes makes the situation worse.

Some companies, mainly V2, portray vapor cigarette smoking as futuristic.V2 Cigs Logo

Experts say that the worst part of the electronic cigarette phenomenon is that smoking is no longer the hazard it is supposed to be. Since ecigs have come out, they have been displayed as a healthy choice (which they most certainly are not) and this had made smoking normal and acceptable in society. Ecigs can be safely used inside enclosed spaces which further adds to the deceptive notion that they are good for one’s health. Furthermore, there is no guarantee in the least that ecigs can help anyone quit smoking altogether. Many people return to regular smoking even if it is the more expensive option.  For those people, I say check out our discount codes and try as many brands as you can, for a lot less money.

What do you have to lose?  

Alternatively, you have a TON to gain.


Must Have Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Has your loved one finally decided to give up on tobacco? If the big decision has been made, make their life easier by gifting them an electronic cigarette basic or premium kit that will help them enter a healthier lifestyle without any difficulties. While choosing the best electronic cigarette kit, which contains accessories like wall charger, USB charger, extra cartridges, carry kit and an instructions manual one should keep couple of things in mind. The most important factor before buying any kit would be its quality; not just the device’s but also of the accessories that come in the kit. In order to pick the best quality product from the shelf, it is always a good idea to go for known or famous brands like South Beach Smoke.

Usually people think that the components that are included in a basic electronic cigarette kit will fulfill all the needs of the smoker but having some premium accessories always help paving this difficult road even more. A premium wall charger, for starters, sounds like an unnecessary or extra item but its benefit is worth more than the price of twenty dollars you pay for it. Moreover, a premium USB charger can be purchased for a price as low as eighteen dollars and even the benefits of this piece of technology outweigh its cost. The reason to add these two chargers to your basic kit is because initially the smoker needs his electronic cigarette charged and ready for use all day long, without any breaks or interruptions. An extra charger at workplace, car and laptop bag will help him pacify his nicotine craving whenever and wherever he desires to. And to be able to carry your electronic cigarette stylishly along with extra cartridges everywhere, a universal carry case worth twenty dollars would be more like essential.

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Can You Make Your Own Vaporizer at Home?

People use vaporizers or vape pens as an alternative for smoking. Research has proved that these devices are safer than regular tobacco filled cigarettes. Moreover, as their popularity has increased tremendously over the last couple of years, more manufactures have entered the market and started selling various different kinds of devices. A vaporizer basically heats tobacco or herbs from an indirect source. It warms the herbs and then creates vapors. If we compare smoke with vapors, it can be said that vapors are healthier because they don’t contain harmful chemicals. However, the best thing about vaporizers is that you can make them at home. Yes, you can make your very own vaping pen at home by just using a few objects.

Make Your Own Vaporizer

Is it feasible to make your own vaporizer?

1. Take a light bulb and cut off the metal piece from the bottom. In order to cut the metal part you can use a sharp blade or knife. Once the metal piece is removed, clear the inside of the light bulb. Remove everything and wash it.

2. Next, take a bottle cap and place it on top of the area which you just created in the first step. See if the cap fits the glass part of the light bulb. Once you have a suitable bottle cap for your light bulb, make 2 holes on it.

3. Choose the material that you wish to vaporizer and place it inside the glass part of your light bulb. Make sure that the material is finely chopped and reduced into small chunks. This will burn it evenly.

4. Once you have dropped the material inside the bulb, attach the bottle cap. If the bottle cap doesn’t fit tightly then you can apply tape on it. Insert 2 straws in the holes that you created on the bottle cap. Make sure that the straws connect the inside of the light bulb with the outside.

5. Heat the herbs that you placed inside the light bulb. You can use a lighter to heat the herbs but make sure you don’t apply the fire directly. Keep the lighter at such a position that the flame barely touches the light bulb.

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Tips on Cleaning Your Vapor Pipes

Pipes have been used by smokers to smoke tobacco and herbs for centuries. Over the years several different types of pipes have been introduced around the world. One type of pipe that is gaining attention of people these days is called vapor pipe. This type of pipe operates in a similar way to traditional pipes, which I introduced just the other day.  The only difference is that a vapor pipe uses a unique flame filter that foils the tobacco from burning. As a result, the pipe only produces vapors instead of smoke. If we come to think of it, this device is extremely useful as it does not produce any kind of smoke. Research has already provided that vapors are far better and safer as compared to smoke because vapors don’t contain chemicals. Hence, people who use vapor pipes only inhale vapors.

Also smoke is harsher than vapors. Pipes that create smoke leave a bad taste in your mouth and smell in your clothes. Vaporizer pipes are less expensive than electronic vaporizers. A vapor pipe contains a ceramic screen which captures tobacco particles and ash. As it captures tobacco particles and debris, this component of a vapor pipe can block overt time. Hence, it should be cleaned and maintained properly. The following are some steps to clean your vapor pipe.

1. Take a pair of tweezers. Use the tweezers to take off the ceramic screen from the pipe and keep it safely. Once the screen has been removed, look closely you will see a wired coil. Remove the coil also and clean the insides.

2. Take a bowl and fill it with an alcohol based solution. Place the ceramic screen and coil inside the bowl and let it soak for 10 minutes.

3. Clean the bowl shaped part of your vaporizer with wet cotton.

4. Also don’t forget to clean the mouth piece of your pipe. You can clean this part by using a pipe cleaner or washing it with water. If you wash your mouth piece then dry it with a clean cloth.

5. Place the wire coil and ceramic screen back on your pipe.
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How to Make Your Own Vape Pen

It is true that vaporizers are one of the best smoking alternative devices. These devices are battery operated and allow users to enjoy their herbs or tobacco without having to burn them. One of the most popular types of vaporizer is a vape pen. As its name suggests, a vape pen is a device that is designed just like a normal pen. Vape pens can be bought from a regular smoke shop or internet. However, if you don’t want to buy a vape pen then you can make your own vape pen at home.

Objects required

In order to make your own vape pen at home you will need a ball point, tape and glass tube. All these materials can easily be bought from a regular stationary shop or a convenience store. Make sure that the ball point you purchase has a plastic body and a replaceable ink cartridge. Remember not to purchase a ball point that has a fixed ink cartridge.

If you want to avoid all this hassle, and buy an electronic cigarette online, read about the best electronic cigarette brands of 2014.



1. The first step is to remove the ink cartridge from your ball point. After removing the ink cartridge, you should only have the body of your ball point. You can discard the ink cartridge as it won’t be required in the other steps.

2. Find a glass tube. The glass tube will act as the container in which you will keep your herbs or tobacco. Make sure that the glass tube is not very big and is cylindrical in shape. An old cologne tester bottle can be used as a glass tube. If you don’t have a cologne tester bottle then you can find an eye dropper.

3. Fill the glass tube with herbs or tobacco and then fix it with the bottom part of your pen. If the glass tube does not fit properly with the pen then apply some clear tape around it.

4. Make a small hole near the upper part of your pen. This hole will be used to inhale vapors.

5. Heat the herbs or tobacco inside the glass tube and inhale the vapors from the small hole that you created in the last step.

If you are destined to buy a vape pen online, my best advice is to get the new V2 PRO VAPE PEN.

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Also, my top selection, whether you want to buy a vaporizer pen OR an electronic cigarette, is V2.  I highly recommend them.  Before you shop there, make sure you grab a coupon code.  I have a non expiring v2 coupon here.  Alternatively, other people are reporting lower prices at Green Smoke lately, so it’s prudent to include the Green Smoke 2014 Promo Codes for anyone who wants them.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Check Your Ego

An Introduction to Vaporizer Pipes

People have used traditional tobacco pipes since decades to smoke tobacco. With the advent of new technology, these pipes have been redesigned. Today, you can easily see a lot of people using vaporizer pipes because these pipes have become a health trend. Herbal vaporizer pipes are devices that create vapors from herbs. These devices are simple to use and are also portable hence you can use your herbal vaporizer pipe anywhere.

How do they operate?

A typical herbal vaporizer pipe contains a chamber in which herbs are stored. You can either buy a manual pipe or an automatic pipe. In a manual pipe you will be required to heat the herbs yourself by using a heating source. Most people who use a manual pipe heat the herbs with a lighter. On the other hand, in an automatic herbal pipe you don’t need to heat the herbs yourself. These pipes contain an automatic heating system which heats the herbs at an even temperature.

Are they safe?

Some people are skeptical about using herbal vaporizer pipes because they think that these devices might have negative consequences on their health. The truth however is that these devices are totally safe and hygienic. As these devices don’t emit smoke, you don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals. Also vapors are safer than smoke because they don’t leave carbon and tar footprints on your body. Tar which is a hazardous material can be found in cigarettes. This specific ingredient is related to various types of cancer including lung and throat cancer. Moreover, herbal vaporizer pipes are odorless which means that you don’t have to worry about any kind of smell. These devices can also be used in presence of small children as they don’t create second hand smoke.

Where to buy?

You can easily find a good herbal vaporizer pipe online or in smoke shops. The point to note here is that when you decide to buy a herbal vaporizer pipe you will see that there are a lot of choices out there. Hence, in order to not get confused while buying your device, make sure that you do some research in advance.

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What is the Best Electronic Cigar?

Many brands in the electronic cigarette industry have released cigars.

Cigar smoking is a much smaller market overall, but the users of fine cigars tend to be very loyal.

Here is some general information about the electric cigar.  After trying out a few, when it comes to the look, feel and taste, the Ace High E-Cigar at Bull Smoke is the best on the market.

bull smoke e cigar

 Check out Bull Smoke’s E-Cigar!

Ecigs may still have been around for a while but the entry of e-cigars is a relatively newer invention. E-cigars it seems were made to fill a gap in consumer preferences. The gap was one of style and sophistication. Although normal ecigs made by good quality brands function great, they often score less because of their appearance and overall feel. With e-cigars there seems to be no such problem. Some quality e-cigars have come out, but smokers of regular cigars argue that they are nowhere as impressive as real Cubans. Rest assured, e-cigars have a long way to go if they are going to catch up with the taste and the feel of real Cuban cigars.

Users have claimed that as far as the packaging goes, a pretty penny or two has been spent on it. E-cigar brands understand the importance of giving an authentic and ‘real’ look to their products and this influences their decision to spend extra wherever it is required. If the brand is well known enough, most people will not be able to tell the different between an electronic cigar and a real cigar from a distance. Even though the appearance is very similar, there is no irritating ash or smoke. This makes the e-cigars great for indoors and office surroundings.

One of the most interesting things to note about the design of an e-cigar is that the product is disposable in nature. What this means is that you get to use an e-cigar and flaunt it around for a few card games before you throw it away and invest in a newer model which gives you a lot of prestige. Most smokers that use e-cigars find that their financial position seems greatly exaggerated because of this quality product that does not cost a fortune. In order to check the quality level of the e-cigar you are buying, you will need to check vapor production and taste.

Four Reasons to Choose Electric Cigarettes

When a person starts thinking about moving to electronic cigarettes, there are a number of reasons that can convince him to take this step. There are not just health benefits that one can gain by choosing this alternative but also a few others that bring a change in your lifestyle.

Please, read our home page, and the Arkansas Arts Vapor Cig reviews, to see why we feel so strongly about this.

The biggest advantage of choosing electronic cigarettes over traditional ones is the road to a healthier lifestyle by eradicating carbon footprint from your body. As we all know that with every single cigarette, more than four thousand cancerous toxins enter the human body weakening your lungs and heart but this practice ends by making electronic cigarettes a part of your life.

Electronic cigarettes are way more cost effective than regular smokes. In this era of rising inflation, it has become extremely important to cut down all the unnecessary expenses to cope up with the hiked up prices. Smoking no doubt is an addictive habit but quitting it is not as easy as thought and therefore e-cigarettes can help you overcome all the nicotine craving but in a very low price. It has been stated in a number of articles that by traditional cigarettes are at least eight percent costlier than electronic ones.

The new trendy cigarettes are not just safe for you but also for the people around you and the environment. As they are free of smoke, ash, flame, tobacco and carbon monoxide, they do not create the passive smoking cycle. With the least amount of smoke being absorbed in the air, there are negligible chances of asthma being caused due to second or third hand smoke.

Another very important feature of vaporizer cigarettes is the liberty that they give to smokers. They can be enjoyed at a place where regular cigarettes are banned, which means you do not have to find non smoking zones anymore.

The Correct Way to Operate an Electronic Cigarette

Blu cigs disposables

More and more retailers are starting to offer e-cigarettes to their customers in 2014.

If you are fed up of your smoking habit and want to change it then you should try using an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are electrical devices that provide nicotine to the users. These devices are safe and can be used in public places where a smoking ban is applicable. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco and smoke free. These devices do not burn tobacco rather they only produce vapors. You can easily purchase an electronic cigarette online. The price of these devices varies from $30 to $100 depending on the manufacturer and the model.

1. Always do research before buying your first electronic cigarette. Read reviews and seek help from friends who have used these devices. These days you can also purchase electronic cigarettes online from various specialty stores. However, as these devices are not regulated by the government they are difficult to find in traditional smoke stores.

2. Charge the battery of your device by attaching it with the charger. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use your device if the battery is not properly charged. Once the battery is charged attach it to the atomizer.

3. Place the mouth piece in your mouth and slowly take a puff. When you will take a puff the light at the end of your device will flash. Keep in mind that first time users require at least 7 days to develop a taste for these devices.

4. If you have any problems with your device seek support. There is abundant information available on the internet about electronic cigarettes. You can find various articles on how to assemble an electronic cigarette, how to change the cartridge, how to clean an electronic cigarette etc. Moreover, you can also post specific questions on different websites and get answers from professionals.

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Variable Voltage Batteries Explained

Knowing about variable voltage batteries is important because choosing right voltage will give the desired flavor and vapor, there is a lot of learning when it comes to choosing the right voltage there is a lot of ambiguity as there are many brands available in the market and there is a clutter of information. The objective is to get the most vapors out of your atomizer without damaging the atomizer while maintaining the desired vaping experience. Variable batteries have the option of increasing or decreasing the voltage, turning up the voltage to maximum is not ideally the best decision.

To get the best vaping experience without damaging your atomizer, you will need to set the voltage accordingly, understanding the Ohm rating is very important. There are many settings and configuration methods but fact is the setting for each individual is dependent on his/her taste.

Atomizers come with different Ohm rating, example: 2.8 ohm, 2.4 ohm 1.8ohm, with higher ohm rating more voltage is required from the battery, and less voltage is required with lower ohm rating. Variable batteries produce more vapor, that is its main benefit. One way of maximizing your vaping experience is to buy a high voltage battery with an atomizer of low resistance but there is still no competition with a variable battery. Like standard batteries most variable batteries use 3.7volt the only difference being that with a variable battery one can choose the wattage, many electronic cigarettes come with processors with keeps the battery safe and gives control over the production of vapor, although the variable is much more expensive because of its advance technology, its benefits are indeed worth the buck

Variable batteries are not best suited for new users, so if you are a new user of vapor cigarettes, stick to the cig-a-like products.  Those are the popular brands you hear about like V2, and for those on a budget but still looking for quality, the brand Bullsmoke vapor cigarettes is the best.

But, if you are a “big timer” and want to have the futuristic looking variable voltage device, check out the pages below with some examples of what’s selling right now.

Hopefully you find this video amusing, I certainly like the work of Vapor S. Thompson!