The Major Pro of E-Cigs: No Second Hand Smoke

You can now smoke around you loved ones at home, with your friends in car and even in conference rooms along your colleagues without worrying about them getting irritated or leaving any crawling smell. This was not possible until the introduction of fashionable electronic cigarettes; smokes without ash, flame, smell, tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide. These new cigarettes were introduced first in 2004 but took some time to become as popular as they are today. With the great number of benefits associated with electronic smokes, many people around the world were able to give up on traditional tobacco smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are affixed with a cartridge that contains nicotine liquid, which takes the shape of a vapor when heating process begins. As propylene glycol is present in e-cigarettes, they never produce any odor. With electronic cigarettes, smokers can get their needed nicotine kick whenever and wherever they feel like. This is one of the major reasons of their success; you don’t have to look for non smoking zones anymore. Another very attractive feature of these cigarettes is their cost effectiveness, as you spend eighty percent lesser money on electronic cigarettes than what was being spent on conventional cigarettes.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the biggest reason every smoker should make this move is that these cigarettes do not remit four thousand cancer causing toxins to the human body, making them safe for human heart and lungs. Many Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp have been promoting this new era of smoking as well to make people enter healthier lifestyles.

E-Cigarettes are sold in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  One hot trending item is the vape pen pictured here

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The Correct Way To Fill Liquid Inside Your Electronic Cigarette

If you are one of those smokers who are worried about their nicotine cravings and want to do something to control it then you should definitely try electronic cigarette. By the look of it, an electronic cigarette is a carbon copy of a traditional cigarette; however these devices operate in a different way.

Electronic cigarettes create vapor, instead of smoke, by heating the e-liquid which contains nicotine. This means that these devices can even be used at places where a smoking ban has been implemented. Every electronic cigarette has two common components that are namely the atomizer and a lithium powered battery.

Cartomizers and cartridges are the two main kinds of atomizer delivery mechanisms in an electronic cigarette. The process of refilling these two kinds of atomizers with fluid is not the same.


1. Remove the cartridge from the atomizer gently.

2. Look at the bottom of the cartridge, if you see that the filler material is burned then dispose of the cartridge.

3. Slowly fill the cartridge with the fluid and make sure that you don’t overfill it.

4. Once you have filled the liquid, attached the cartridge to the atomizer.

Cartomizer (if you use a tank style e cig device)

1. Gently detach the cartomizer from the mouth piece portion of your device. Make sure that you only remove the cartomizer and no other component of your device.

2. Hold the cartomizer on your hand and be sure that the side that is attached to the battery is facing upwards, towards the ceiling.

3. Insert the liquid from the battery side and make sure to cover the hole that is on the mouth piece. Keep on inserting the liquid into the cartomizer until you see it reach the surface.

4. Attach the cartomizer to the battery and use your device.

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The 510 Atomizer FAQ

The demand for electronic cigarettes is growing day by day as thousands of smokers are willing to buy this product. These electronic devices help smokers quit smoking. If you are one of those smokers who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on medical bills then you should switch to A 510 e vapor cigarette. This particular electronic cigarette provides nicotine to the smoker in a much healthier way as compared to a regular cigarette.

When you will take a puff from the A 510 e electronic cigarette you will be amazed by its taste. This device delivery’s exactly the same taste as you would get by smoking a regular cigarette. The difference is that the A 510 e electronic cigarette is safe and can be used in presence of children

510 atomizer

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As a matter of fact, all electronic devices that contain A 510 atomizers are considered to be the best in the industry. The usage life of A 510 e is approximately 300 inhalations. This is equivalent to 15 regular tobacco filled cigarettes. Also, the cartridge of this device is smaller in size as compared to other devices. This is a good thing because a smaller cartridge produces a greater amount of vapors.

The nicotine cartridges for A 510 e are available in different levels. This means that you can choose the level of nicotine according to your requirements and preference. If you are a heavy smoker then you can choose a full strength nicotine cartridge whereas if you are a light smoker you can choose a minimal strength nicotine cartridge.

You can easily find A 510 e electronic cigarettes online. However, make sure that you do your research before buying this device. Also, it is important for you to know that the A 510 e works best when it is properly maintained and cleaned.

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The Top Reasons to Switch to E-Cigs

Every year as many as 500,000 deaths are caused due to smoking. Cigarettes contain some extremely hazardous chemicals, including tar and tobacco, which cause numerous diseases. Moreover, research has also proven that second hand smoking is even more dangerous than first hand smoking. It is because of all these negative effects of traditional cigarettes that electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity.

Electronic cigarettes are tube shaped devices that provide nicotine to the users. However, these devices are much safer and less risky than their counterparts. An electronic cigarette can easily be purchased online or from certain designated stores. These devices are marketed as a healthier alternative of regular cigarettes. One of the major differences between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is that the later does not burn tobacco. Electronic cigarettes produce vapors that are inhaled by the user.

Moreover, electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere at any time. As these devices do not generate smoke, they can be used in front of kids. You can also see people using these devices in public areas as smoking ban is not applicable on them. On the other hand, a lot of smokers question about the credibility and reliability of these devices. Some smokers also say that these devices do not fully cater to the needs of chain smokers. All these thoughts and questions are bogus.

Various online reviews that are submitted by lifelong smokers appear to be in favor of electronic cigarettes. Lifelong smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes claim them to be one of the best inventions of the last decade. A large numerous of smokers have also successfully quit smoking with the help of these devices. Lastly, various studies have revealed that chain smokers are willing to use electronic cigarettes as they offer unmatched benefits.

Here’s a list of the top pages to access that have really hit home with consumers.  You can check out any of these brands at your leisure.

E Cigarette Accessories

Electronic cigarettes are pen shaped electronic devices that are used as an alternative to regular cigarettes. These devices do not burn tobacco nor do they generate smoke. Instead, electronic cigarettes operate on a battery that provides power to the device. An electronic cigarette is generally conceived as a healthier substitute for regular cigarettes as these devices contain just a handful of chemicals. Moreover, the chemicals included in an electronic cigarette are not dangerous and risky.

Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Vapor Couture Clutch

The “clutch” by Vapor Couture makes toting e-cigs a cinch.

V2 Cigs PCC

Charge and carry your e-cig batteries with the PCC.

One of the best features of electronic cigarettes is that they can be customized. Nowadays people buy various different types of accessories in order to make their device stand out from the crowd. Electronic cigarette skins are one such accessory that are gaining wide spread popularity. You can easily buy electronic skins online. Generally, electronic cigarette skins are produced from a material called Vinyl. These skins are water proof and have a shinny texture. Electronic skins are available in various colors and designs. Hence you can choose a skin that meets your preference. Most skins come in a standard size therefore they can be applied on any type of electronic cigarette. Some manufactures also offer custom made skins to their customers.

You can also customize e-liquid blends by mixing and matching flavors to create a hybrid mix.  This is offered by the Vapor Zone, among other brands.

On the other hand, electronic cigarette holders are an accessory that enhances the users smoking experience. As their name suggests, electronic cigarette holders are basically carry cases in which an electronic cigarette can be stored. These holders can easily fit in your pocket or purse as they are small in size. Additionally, cigarette holders also protect a device from dust and particles. The usage life of your device can increase significantly if you take proper care of it. By placing your device in a cigarette holder you will not only protect it but also ensure that your device provides you with optimum experience.

How Much Nicotine Does an E-Cig Contain?

One of the major differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that the former is a smoke free device. Although they look the same, an electronic cigarette operates on a lithium powered battery. Users don’t require a lighter to use this device. The atomizer, which is the middle part of an electronic cigarette, is responsible for creating water vapors. Researchers have revealed that traditional cigarettes contain more than 3,500 harmful chemicals whereas electronic cigarettes only contain 4 chemicals. The common chemical that can be found in both, electronic cigarettes as well as traditional cigarettes is nicotine.

Refill Cartridge

In electronic cigarettes, nicotine can only be found in the refill cartridge. The refill cartridge of an electronic cigarette is filled with e-liquid. Once the e-liquid has finished in the cartridge, nicotine fades out and you have to change the cartridge.  You can read more about that on this page:


The nicotine level of an electronic cigarette depends on the type of device that you use. Different manufacturers offer different devices that contain varied levels of nicotine. Vapor pens are one new, growing segment in the e-cig market.  The Snoop Dogg G pen, for example, is becoming very popular.  The range of nicotine in an electronic cigarette varies from 0 mg to 20 mg.

Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Traditional Cigarettes

A traditional cigarette smoker usually inhales 12 puffs. This is equivalent to approximately 2 mg of nicotine per cigarette. Meanwhile, 12 puffs taken on an electronic cigarette are equal to 0.15 mg of nicotine.

Health Concerns 

Compared to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are much safer to smoke. However, it should be noted that there is no proof yet regarding whether electronic cigarettes are safe for the health. Advocates of this device have stated that it has helped them quit or reduce smoking. Electronic cigarettes are a growing health trends and traditional smokers are willing to use this product due to the numerous benefits that it offers.

For now, we see no problems with electronic cigarettes and see them as a much better way to draw nicotine when compared to the tobacco cigarette.


Electronic Cigarette Fun Facts

Since the electronic cigarette phenomenon is still relatively new and people still hold the entire concept in the midst of a great deal of speculation, there are many facts that most people do not know about ecigs and their evolution. If you are planning to buy an ecig or already own one, you may find them to be of particular interest.

The first fun fact that most vapers are probably not aware of is that the ecig actually reached its first prototype in the 1960s. This seems like an age ago but it is worthy to note that this was when the idea first came out. There might be evidence to conclude that the prototype was probably not even operational at this stage and suffered from vast manufacturing defects. At this point in time the ecig industry can boast of having roughly 2,000 top tier brands all in all that are producing ever manner of flavor in their e-liquid ranges as well as continually improving the design of the electronic cigarette. There is much greater variety now than ever before and ecigs have managed to move past the initial resistance they faced from the population which was regarding safety and nicotine addiction.

The next fact is that more and more smokers globally are turning to ecigs for support and a cure from their addiction. Naturally, there is no guarantee regarding whether ecigs even are a suitable deterrent from regular cigarettes but since they are a more than adequate alternative, many people continue to opt for them. The numbers are ever-increasing and more and more brands are coming up to fulfill that need and to advertise their own ‘quit smoking’ strategies. With any luck, the numbers of the units sold will reach above one billion in this year alone.

Another fun thing that vapers do not know about is that the mechanism of an ecig is very similar indeed to that of a regular smoke machine which is used in entertainment events such as concerts. With regular use you will realize that the vapor of the ecig is produced much like how the smoke is produced in a smoke machine.

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DIY E-Liquids

DIY stands for “do it yourself,” and in this world of “I’m better than you at everything,” there are many people out there who want to make their own e-liquid!

In today’s world, it is a common occurrence when companies drastically increase the prices of their products on the basis of a bogus value addition. Consumers are often led into spending a lot of money when they could easily recreate those products at home by buying the ingredients rather cheaply. The same goes for e-liquids for ecigs. E-liquids can easily be created at home using very simple, widely available substances which cost very little when they are bought on their own. If you are a frequent vaper and find that you constantly have to order more and more and spend a large amount of money, you may want to consider mixing the e-liquids yourself and making a huge batch which will last you for some time to come.

All you need for this simple concoction is distilled water, an oral syringe, some nicotine liquid and Vegetable glycerin or Propylene glycerin depending on what you prefer. Ideally, vegetable glycerin should be used for ecigs since it is known for producing far more vapor than Propylene Glycerin compositions. But if you are not a heavy smoker, you can customize the combination to suit your preferences. The most solid reason for creating your own e-liquids is that you get to control what substances go into the cartridge mixture and you also get to control the quality of these substances.

The other reason is chiefly that you get to save a considerable amount of money because the raw ingredients can be purchased in bulk and then a larger batch can be prepared which will last a long time. Also, additional flavorings can be added to create custom flavor blends which will make your vaping sessions more enjoyable. If you are particularly choosey about flavor blends then creating your own e-liquids is the ideal choice. To create your own mixture you simply need to add 130mls of VG, 30mls of water and 40mls of nicotine liquid and mix them well.

I’ve never been someone to make my own e-liquid.  Instead, I buy from the pro’s.  Nobody makes better liquids than VaporZone!


UK Electronic Cigarettes

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is a UK based ecig manufacturer. Many USA based customers buy them online.  Available at Apollo Cigs are a range of electronic cigarette products including starter kits, express kits, clearomizers, cartomizers among others.

UK Electronic Cigarette Brands

The variety available at Apollo Ecigs is very extensive. From starter kits to disposables, batteries, accessories, users can find it all at Apollo. Apollo electronic cigarettes also offer electronic cigar and variable voltage devices. While the electronic cigarettes are great for those who smoke and love cigars, the variable voltage devices are great for those who want more battery life and high vapor volumes.

UK On the other hand, Apollo Ecigs also offers high quality electronic liquid. The eliquid is made out of USP grade PG and VG blends and Kosher certified ingredients. The eliquid contains 99% lab grade nicotine and is devoid of alcohol and water. The variety in eliquid flavors is also remarkable and users can find some very unique blends such as baja burst, berry blend, banana cream, cappuccino, cherry among others at Apollo Ecigs.

All of Apollo Ecigs products can be ordered on the company’s official website. Apollo Ecigs offers free shipping on all UK orders that are above £30. Moreover, the manufacturer also offers 30 day money back guarantee on its products.  That’s a top quality offer from a top quality UK based electronic cigarette brand.

Largest Selection of E Cig Products?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Envy E Cig is an electronic cigarette brand that offers electronic cigarette hardware, eliquid and ecig accessories such as drip tips, USB chargers, carrying cases and others at affordable prices.  We just got our hands on the device, and this is  a brief update on the product, just to tell you HOW MUCH stuff they offer there.  It’s actually quite incredible.  They offer traditional e cigs and vape pens as well.

Starter Kits 

Available at Envy E Cig are various starter kits starting from $12.95. Envy E Cig offers both starter level and advanced level ecig kits and thus finding a device that matches your needs will not be a problem at Envy E Cig. Moreover, Envy E Cig also offers disposable starter kits. The starting price of the Summer Disposable is $6.95 (available on 50% discount) and will last for about 600 puffs.


Envy E Cig also offers refills including Knight Refills, Clearomizers (eGo Tank, Joye Tech and others), Envy E Liquid, 5 pack of clearomizers and Ego Elite Refills among others. The refills can be purchased in your choice of nicotine strength and flavors.


In eliquid, Envy E Cig offers users many different flavor categories including Envy E Liquid, Holiday Liquid, HS E Liquid (fruit and beverage flavors), tobacco flavored liquid and mint to name a few. Users cannot just pick the flavor of their liquid but also the nicotine strength and bottle size.   You can buy online and have them shipped anywhere.

Envy E Cig offers free shipping on orders above $25. More information about the company can be seen in the Envy E Cig Review.