Tips on Quitting Smoking

Despite the fact that smoking causes thousands of death every year, smokers find it difficult to stop or quit smoking. Smokers who have tried to quit smoking find it a challenging task to accomplish. There are several ways in which you can stop smoking.  I’ve quit smoking by buying into electronic cigarettes, and it’s changed my life.  This is my essay on how you can do the same thing.  

Nicotine substitute methods

Quit Smoking Now

Break the habit with these simple tips.

People smoke because they are addicted to nicotine. There are various other sources of satisfying your nicotine craving without having to smoke a cigarette. Some alternative sources of nicotine consumption include using nicotine patches, nicotine gums and electronic cigarettes. All these alternative methods of nicotine consumption aim to fulfill your nicotine craving in a healthier way. For e.g. you can put nicotine patches on your arm two or three times a day. These patches provide nicotine to your body by injecting it in your blood stream. They are simple and easy to use.

Pharmaceutical methods

Anti depressants such as Zyban reduce nicotine cravings. This pharmaceutical drug helps smokers who are trying to quit smoking. Furthermore, another drug that has gained immense popularity is called Chanitx. This particular drug affects the nicotine receptors in your brain. It helps smokers to reduce their dependency on cigarettes. However, keep in mind that you must consult a doctor before taking any kind of drugs to stop smoking. Some of these drugs might have mild side effects on your body and other drugs might not suit you.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, in my opinion, are by far are the best alternative for traditional cigarettes. These battery operated devices give you a dose of nicotine in a much hygienic and healthier way. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any kind of smoke. These devices only produce water vapors when a smoker takes a puff. Moreover, electronic cigarettes have no side effects. According to various researches, it has been revealed that these devices help smokers quit smoking.

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Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes were launched in China back in 2003. Nowadays, these devices can be found in almost every country. Electronic cigarettes have become a health trend. People are switching to these devices as they offer a lot of benefits, which were previously unheard off.

How do they function?

Electronic cigarettes function by converting liquid nicotine into vapors. A regular electronic cigarette has 3 core components namely a battery, an atomizer and a refill cartridge. The rechargeable lithium battery provides power to the atomizer. The atomizer extracts e-liquid juice from the refill cartridge and warms it in order to produce water vapors. These vapors are safe as they don’t contain chemicals. Meanwhile, the refill cartridge or liquid container contains the e-liquid.

Benefits offered

Electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere, even in places where the government has implemented a strict ban on smoking. This is because these devices do not emit any kind of smoke. Also, electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative of regular cigarettes. An electronic cigarette only contains 4 basic chemicals. Researchers have stated that these basic chemicals have no impact on the health of smoker or on the health of people who are in company of the smoker. Electronic cigarettes turn out to be cheaper in the long run. This means that you can save a lot of money by shifting to these devices.


Electronic cigarettes are not yet regulated by the government. There is an ongoing debate on whether these devices should be regulated or not. As they are not yet regulated, the tax on tobacco is not applicable on them. Also, it is difficult to find electronic cigarettes in regular smoke shops. Some bars and cafes have started to sell these devices as they are profitable. The best way to buy an electronic cigarette is online, and the most read review is the one you can click on below.

Problems With Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the best substitute for regular cigarettes and cigars. These battery operated devices are not only healthy to use but they can also be used anywhere, even at place where regular smoking is banned by the government. This is because an electronic cigarette does not emit smoke. These devices provide nicotine to the users by heating a liquid called the e-liquid. Hence, as there is no tobacco inside these devices, no smoke is generated.

Whether you buy in a convenience store or buy e cigs online, you have to know that there could be problems you’ll face.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help you get past any issues.

Broken e cig battery

Even A rated brands of e-cigarettes can have battery malfunctions.

As their name suggests, electronic cigarettes are electronic devices. Therefore, as any other electronic device, these devices can also malfunction. However, the good news is that these devices can be fixed at home by users. The following are some problems and solutions.

1. One of the most commonly reported issue concerning electronic cigarettes is that of inadequate vapor production. If you notice that your device is not producing sufficient vapors then remove the battery and clean it. If the battery has expired then replace it with a new one.  Many e cigarette brands will offer a replacement if the warranty covers it.

2. Detach the refill cartridge from the device and blow air inside it from one end. Make sure that there is adequate fluid inside the cartridge.

3. Clean the atomizer and make sure that there is no dust inside it.

4. Check and see if the LED light, which is placed at the end of your device, is working properly. Take a drag and see if the light lights up. If you feel at some point that you need to apply more force in order to lighten up the LED then this means that your battery is not working properly. Charge it and check again.

5. In order to have an exceptional smoking experience always purchase an extra battery and keep it with your device incase if the original battery dies out.

Whether  you choose to use an electronic cigarette or  a vapor pen, adhere to this advice and you’ll see great results.

Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

Choosing an e-cigarette is an intensely personal choice because it is an object that you will carry around with you at all times. Moreover, it needs to look like the sort of item that goes well with your personality and personal style. There are many ways to arrive at the conclusion about what is best for you with regard to the numerous brands of vapor cigarettes that are available out there. You need to establish a criterion and then stick to it even if your budget is limited because now there are hundreds of ecig brands out there that all offer extremely competitively priced packages.

The first prerequisite before you start shopping for an ecig online or from a retailer near you is to have a clear mindset. Identify what your demands from the product are and then shop accordingly. Do not be swayed by marketing as it is often counter to what you really need and you can end up wasting your money on a less than satisfactory product.

Ordering Vapor Cigarettes Online

Here are some tips on how to choose the best electric cigarette brand.

Always read reviews and user forums before you opt for any one brand. There are brands that market themselves a great deal but fall low quality-wise. Visit reputable websites for reviews from experts and people who have used certain brands. Even if you are shopping with an ordinary budget, there are still many brands that offer quality starter kits for less money.  Use coupons to save money.  This is very key!

Cartomizers are a very important part of the ecig and you need to decide whether you want to opt for a disposable one or not. You also need to be sure of what your future needs will be. If you will be travelling or moving around a lot, you need to get a starter kit which has replacement batteries and if this is not the case, you can buy a regular ecig with a rechargeable battery. Right now, the personal vaporizer is the hottest product in the market.  Doing a test session will save you tons of troubles later down the road. If you were a heavy smoker, you also need to consider the appearance of the ecig. Decide whether you want your ecig to resemble its tobacco counterpart or not.