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By Vinny Vapor

ArkansasArts.com is a former artistic & expression website.  With a serious voice, we wanted to carry the spirit of something we believed in when the old website owners closed it down.

I’m Vinny, chief editor and webmaster.  I am the voice behind ArkansasArts.com Vapor Cigarette Commentary & Reviews.

This site sets out to educate everyone on the ins and outs of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizer (PV) devices.

While they are relatively new, I see the need to provide explanations and clarifications on a number of devices.

As a vapor hobbyist, along with many friends, relatives, and other artistic minds, I like to delve into the deepest of states and purely enjoy the art of reviewing these products.  E-cig juices, liquids, flavors, whatever you may call them, are my passion. There is nothing more truly satisfying than finding a good vape.

I share my experiences here on this open forum, for the betterment of the hobby.  I do hope you find my product reviews quite informative, and I do invite you to leave feedback where you feel prudent.

To contact me for any reason, I invite you to use the form below.

Happy Vaping,



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