The Correct Way To Fill Liquid Inside Your Electronic Cigarette

If you are one of those smokers who are worried about their nicotine cravings and want to do something to control it then you should definitely try electronic cigarette. By the look of it, an electronic cigarette is a carbon copy of a traditional cigarette; however these devices operate in a different way.

Electronic cigarettes create vapor, instead of smoke, by heating the e-liquid which contains nicotine. This means that these devices can even be used at places where a smoking ban has been implemented. Every electronic cigarette has two common components that are namely the atomizer and a lithium powered battery.

Cartomizers and cartridges are the two main kinds of atomizer delivery mechanisms in an electronic cigarette. The process of refilling these two kinds of atomizers with fluid is not the same.


1. Remove the cartridge from the atomizer gently.

2. Look at the bottom of the cartridge, if you see that the filler material is burned then dispose of the cartridge.

3. Slowly fill the cartridge with the fluid and make sure that you don’t overfill it.

4. Once you have filled the liquid, attached the cartridge to the atomizer.

Cartomizer (if you use a tank style e cig device)

1. Gently detach the cartomizer from the mouth piece portion of your device. Make sure that you only remove the cartomizer and no other component of your device.

2. Hold the cartomizer on your hand and be sure that the side that is attached to the battery is facing upwards, towards the ceiling.

3. Insert the liquid from the battery side and make sure to cover the hole that is on the mouth piece. Keep on inserting the liquid into the cartomizer until you see it reach the surface.

4. Attach the cartomizer to the battery and use your device.

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