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By Vinny Vapor

As if saving money by ditching tobacco cigarettes and using a one of the top e cigarette brands wasn’t enough, we offer the largest archive of coupon codes designed to save you even MORE money.

Find an e-cigarette, or an advanced personal vaporizer, and start your journey to using a vapor solution today.

Our best vaporizer coupon is below – just click the banner below and save 12%.  No code necessary.

PV Coupons

Instead of having to check out all the different e-cigs we feature on this website and find the discount code that we have for each within the review, we figure it would be easiest to combine all of them onto this page for ease of use and help make a determination on what one to go with.

Below you’ll find all the different savings we offer for each company and a brief summary of our thoughts on the brand.

E Cigarette Coupon Code Archive 2014

Starting out with the most known and recommended brands and getting down to some of the more boutique e cig brands, we archive all discount codes right here on this page.

V2 Cigs

V2 Coupons 15% OFF on All Starter Kits, and
10% OFF on Anything Else

This is the best product on the market, a point that we reiterate all over this site, but we truly mean it. High quality products, tons of cartridges, batteries, and accessories to choose from, competitive prices and great customer service. They’re #1 for a reason and we fully endorse them in our V2 electronic cigarettes review.  Grab a V2 electronic cigarettes coupon right here.


Want to get 12% off at Vapor Zone? Check out our coupon by clicking below.

VaporFi is a solid #2 in our rankings and hands-down the top choice if you’re looking for the tank system (vaporizer) style ecigs. They have batteries and hardware that is so advanced, the quality they produce is unmatched. Lots of different e-liquids (as well as being able to blend flavors) make this one of our top choices. Get all the details in the VaporZone (now VaporFi) review.

Bull Smoke

bullsmoke 20% OFF

This is already the best value on the market, with their starter kit priced at a rock-bottom $30 (and we’d put the quality up there against the best), and a great deal gets even better with even more savings. Low prices, top notch products, and the best customer service we’ve dealt with at any e-cig company, which really goes a long way to make us love their products even more. Read all about them in the BullSmoke.com review.

Halo Cigs

halo-cigs 5% OFF

This is another brand that utilizes the vaporizer style (refillable tank) e-cigarette and really makes great products. We love the ease of use, their packaging and presentation is very sleek, the products are well made and provide a great hit of vapor and flavor. We break down this brand in great detail here.


ever-smoke 12% OFF

These are by the same makers as VaporZone, which we give high praise to all over these pages, so you know you’re getting some high quality stuff. They are the traditional battery and cartomizer (cartridge) style, and have some very good flavors that we’ve really enjoyed using. We go in-depth on this brand here.

South Beach Smoke

south-beach 12% OFF

Same parent company as VaporZone. Great products that we have come to expect from International Vapor Group, the maker of all three of these brands. Read all about South Beach Smoke here.

White Cloud – 15% off all starter kits

white-cloud 15% OFF

This is one of the strongest batteries that we’ve ever tried, and it’s made even more amazing considering how compact the battery is. This company continues to invest in research and development and seems to always come out with a new generation that is even better than the last. Strongest battery on the market for the cartomizer style vapes – read our detailed review here.

Green Smoke

GreenSmoke Review 10% off everything on first order,
on your next orders get 5% off

One of the pioneers of the industry, and a solid choice whether you’re new to vaping or are a veteran e-smoker. One of the biggest names on the market, as discussed here, we have another GreenSmoke.com coupon code. Recently bought buy a big tobacco company, their poised to grow even larger and continue to pump out great products.

Go Green at Their Official Site

You don’t need any coupon codes for this one, just any of my links to get a 10% discount.

Premium Vapes

Premium E Cigs 10% OFF

This is another one that has been around since the early days of vaping and continues to be a player in the market. They have both the battery/cartomizer style and eGo refillable tank systems to cover all the bases, no matter what you’re looking for.

Mig Cigs

Mig Cigs logo 10% off

A relatively new entrant to the market, we’ve been impressed by their early offerings. They use the slim batteries combined with refillable blank cartridges, we like to call them “tankomizers”, as well as have traditional cartridges. They’ve got everything you need. We’re huge fans of their blueberry flavor as well as Miami Fusion, a unique blend with tobacco and banana.

Henley Cigs


This is our “hidden gem” in the industry, quietly coming out with some top e-cigs and are picking up some steam. Born and bred in NYC, they also have some vaping lounges that have become quite popular. See what the fuss is about in our review and check them out for yourselves.

Firebrand Cigs

Firebrand logo 15% OFF

Based out of Los Angeles, and domestically made, we love the rock n’ roll attitude of this brand and the strong batteries and cartridge flavors we’ve gotten our hands on.

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