Courtesy When You Dispose of Your Cartridges

Electronic cigarettes were introduced back in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, which we talk about in great detail right here. Since its inception, this product has become tremendously popular. For those of you who don’t know what an electronic cigarette is, it is a battery powered device that delivers nicotine to the users when they take a drag or a puff. These devices are unique as they don’t produce any smoke and are odorless.

Dispose Your Cartridge

Whether you use a cartridge or a three piece e cig with an atomizer, always dispose of your garbage.

You can use a vapor cigarette at a restaurant where smoking is prohibited without having to worry about paying a fine. Every e cig is made of either two or three different components. These components are namely a cartridge, battery and an atomizer. The point you should note here is that the cartridge of your e cig should be replaced after 30 days or whenever you use the entire cartridges content.  Once the cartridge is empty you should discard it properly. You can take the following steps in order to discard the cartridge.  It’s common e-cig courtesy, and will help the environment and keep people from popping their tires.

Note:  Never throw a cartridge out the window.  Tires can pop if they run over the cartridge.

1. Detach the empty cartridge from the electronic cigarette slowly and carefully. If possible, wear plastic gloves to cover your hands. Once the cartridge is removed from the battery, keep the battery in a secure place as you will need to attach it with a new cartridge later.

2. Wash the cartridge with water in order to make sure that there is no nicotine residual stuck on it. It is advisable to use warm water instead of cold water. You can also soak the empty cartridge in a bowl filled with water.

3. Take a cloth or foil and wrap it around the empty cartridge. This will keep the cartridge away from children’s reach.

4. Finally, throw the cartridge in the trash can.

5. Don’t forget to replace the old cartridge with a new one. Simply, screw it to the battery and enjoy your well deserved smoke.

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