E-Cig Tank Systems

By Vinny Vapor

The tank style electronic cigarette is a bit more advanced than that of a traditional two piece electronic cigarette, but it offers a much more sophisticated experience.  Usually people classify these as vaporizers, but they are a on-off of the original electronic cigarettes (cig-a-likes) like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, and some of the other best selling electronic cigarette brands.

When you think of electronic cigarettes, what you probably picture is the kind that you see everywhere, consisting of a battery and a nicotine cartridge that screw together like you see in the picture below.

E Cig Battery and Cartridge

The longer, white piece is the battery and the other end is the cartridge.

However, there is a rising trend among hardcore e-cigarette users that want to get more out of their vaping, and who have turned to these vaporizers that operate with a tank style system. Rather than having a filled cartridge, you get a blank “tank” that you fill up with e-liquid of whatever flavor you like.

The best company selling these kinds of products is by far VaporFi (formerly VaporZone), with the most advanced technology of anybody in the industry. They have a number of different kits to choose from, each with a different piece of hardware, ranging from very basic models to some that are super advanced and blow away the competition.

A standard tank system looks like this:

VaporZone vaporizer

What we really like about this style is that there are some many different flavors available, way more than what you could find in cartridge offerings anyway. You’ll also be able to find them in much higher nicotine strengths than you would find in cartomizers. The e-liquid is purchased in vials (most often 10 mL, but larger sizes are available), and you simply just drip the liquid into the empty tank. Most brands have a very fine tip at the end of the vial to make for easy filling.

In addition to having a lot of flavor variety, another neat thing about these is the ability to blend flavors together. Want strawberry banana? No problem – just drip some e-liquid of both of those flavors into your tank. Pretty much any concoction you want to try, you can make it happen, and VaporFi has tons of already-blended varieties available for sale with some of their favorite mixtures.

You are also able to tell how much you have left in the tank, since most of them are clear / transparent. With cartomizers, you never really know how much is left in there, you have to wait until you get a metallic taste to know that it’s run out. When you see the level of liquid getting low, simply fill it up again.

Here are a few links to devices that are similar to this style of product:

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