DIY Flavor Shack

By Vinny Vapor

DIY Flavor Shack is a Las Vegas, US based electronic liquid retailer. DIY Flavor Shack offers users the choice of making their own eliquid by mixing different nicotine levels and flavors for an enhanced ecig smoking experience.

There are two eliquid categories at DIY Flavor Shack; one is the Eliquid Packs and the other is Eliquids- Ready To Vape. If you are looking to make your own eliquid, you can first get one of the flavor packs- offered in different sizes, you can then mix and match to create your own eliquid. Users can choose from six different nicotine variations and flavors.

On the other hand, DIY Flavor Shack also offers ready to use eliquid. There are many different flavors, bottle sizes and nicotine variations you can pick your eliquid in. For example, when it comes to nicotine variations, DIY Flavor Shack offers users five different options to choose from- 0 to 48mg. Moreover, in bottle sizes, users can pick 6ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 60 ml. Some of the flavors available include Banana Cream, BlueBerry eliquid, Brandy, Blackberry among others.

For more information about DIY Flavor Shack and to place your orders, visit DIY Flavor Shack’s official website.

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