Eliquid Planet

By Vinny Vapor

Based in the United States, Eliquid Planet is an electronic cigarette retailer that offers affordability, versatility and ease of use all at one place. Available at Eliquid Planet are electronic cigarettes, ecig parts, upgrades, accessories and electronic liquid.

In starter kits, Eliquid Planet offers products of Majestic II, Aro Winder, 510, Smok and Smok Tech. For starters, Eliquid Planet offers the Smok Mini eGo Express kit which is priced at $29.99. For advanced users, the company offers the eGo 1.7 ohm Shorty Cartomizer Kit. Users can expect high vapor volume and longer battery life with the 1.7 ohm eGo shorty cartomizer kit.

In electronic cigarette parts and upgrades, Eliquid Planet offers electronic cigarette batteries, atomizers, clearomizers, tanks, cartomizers, cartridges, chargers and replacement coils. All products differ with respect to their design and price.

Moreover, Eliquid Planet also offers high quality eliquid in many flavors. The flavor categories include sole PG liquid, sole VG liquid, beverage eliquid, fruit eliquid, specialty flavors, tobacco and fruit flavors and Essence USA.

Eliquid Planet has two official outlets in North Carolina and Levittown, New York. Users can either visit the company’s physical retail stores or head on to its official website to place their orders.




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