Electronic Cigarette Fun Facts

Since the electronic cigarette phenomenon is still relatively new and people still hold the entire concept in the midst of a great deal of speculation, there are many facts that most people do not know about ecigs and their evolution. If you are planning to buy an ecig or already own one, you may find them to be of particular interest.

The first fun fact that most vapers are probably not aware of is that the ecig actually reached its first prototype in the 1960s. This seems like an age ago but it is worthy to note that this was when the idea first came out. There might be evidence to conclude that the prototype was probably not even operational at this stage and suffered from vast manufacturing defects. At this point in time the ecig industry can boast of having roughly 2,000 top tier brands all in all that are producing ever manner of flavor in their e-liquid ranges as well as continually improving the design of the electronic cigarette. There is much greater variety now than ever before and ecigs have managed to move past the initial resistance they faced from the population which was regarding safety and nicotine addiction.

The next fact is that more and more smokers globally are turning to ecigs for support and a cure from their addiction. Naturally, there is no guarantee regarding whether ecigs even are a suitable deterrent from regular cigarettes but since they are a more than adequate alternative, many people continue to opt for them. The numbers are ever-increasing and more and more brands are coming up to fulfill that need and to advertise their own ‘quit smoking’ strategies. With any luck, the numbers of the units sold will reach above one billion in this year alone.

Another fun thing that vapers do not know about is that the mechanism of an ecig is very similar indeed to that of a regular smoke machine which is used in entertainment events such as concerts. With regular use you will realize that the vapor of the ecig is produced much like how the smoke is produced in a smoke machine.

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