Electronic Cigars – Cuvana Review

Cigavette wanted to attract all smokers to electronic vaporization including the e-cigars. Thus they created authentic looking e-cigars called Cuvana. It tasted just like Cuban cigars.It has a stunning design, the precise look of a cigar and has a shelf life of 2 years. Use it whenever you want to and keep it in the box when you are not using it. A box of 10 e-cigars is a lot cheaper than buying one every time.

Cuvana is the size of a corona cigar approximately and has the LED flame to reproduce burning embers. At a distance it resembles a real cigar although the feel is a bit different. The internals under the paper wrapper resemble the tobacco leaves.

Inside the Cuvana is a wide atomizer and a cartridge that contains substantial e-liquid that can produce up to 1800 puffs.

Coming to the taste, there is a big difference between the tastes. If you have used e-cigarettes before then you will try the e-cigars with the understanding that they are not the precise copy of original cigars which in turn will not most likely disappoint you.

However, Cuvana e-cigar does taste really good, although it’s not like a real one but I still believe it’s really good. It resembles a lot to aromatic pipe tobacco; the smell will seem familiar if you have ever had the chance to smell a smoking pipe.

Ignoring this fact that it’s an e-cigar, the Cuvana is by far the most realistic electronic tobacco smoking experience. It feels good has a really good vapor production and a throat hit, but mu personal opinion is that the taste ends towards the pipe tobacco rather than the cigar tobacco.

With the invention of disposable e-cigars things have been made much easier. All those people who want to free themselves of the hassle of charging their cigars can buy these disposable ones that don’t need charging or changing cartridges every time. It is really handy you can pack it up in a small carrying box or in cases that come with the product and you’re good to go. You can easily carry it anywhere while you are travelling and use it whenever need be.

Overall I believe that cigavette has so far the best e-cigar available, they produce nice vapor and the taste is a bit similar to e-cigarettes. If you really want to switch from traditional tobacco smoking to electronic smoking then Cuvana is the right product for you.

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