Is the G Pen a Great Place for Beginners to Start Vaping?

Today I’ll talk about the G Pen, which I review here.

G Pen is one of the most preferred and bought vapor pens all around the world. This product from Grenco Science was introduced few years ago, which became an instant hit. The stainless steel device contains a ceramic bowl and glass plus copper accents. It comes in the face of a standard pen but is extremely stylish. The device can be used with concentrates and glycerin using the same device, something that is not possible with other brands. The tank or cartridge inside the device uses a coil plus wick atomizer that can hold 2 grams of the content being used. This amount of substance allows the consumer to enjoy at least four hundred convenient and tasteful puffs.

One of the most attractive features of this vapor pen is its casing. With other e smoking brands, you get a pouch with a big zipper that is very old school but G Pen gives you cigarette like fashionable carry case. The vapor pen is an FDA registered product that gives the smoothest yet tastiest hit. A standard vapor pen includes a typical battery unit, tank along with window, packing tool, plastic mouthpiece, USB and wall charger, adapter, two concentrate bottles and a whole year warranty. The stylish casing can be purchased separately by paying a few extra dollars. Initially mouth pieces were being made of different materials but as per FDA laws and keeping in mind the safety of consumer, plastic mouth pieces were introduced.

G Pen is considered one of the cheapest vapor pen available but that does not mean its quality any lesser than other vape pens. It has been given a rating of four out of five, which definitely makes it ahead of many other brands. You can purchase the device alone for sixty dollars, while the kit can be bought for hundred dollars. Other kits’ price ranges from hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars, which means G Pen can save you from fifty to hundred and forty dollars and this makes it the best vaping kit for beginners.

The vape pen also burns dry herbs, so if your into that, you can do that if you are in a legal State.

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