Largest Selection of E Cig Products?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Envy E Cig is an electronic cigarette brand that offers electronic cigarette hardware, eliquid and ecig accessories such as drip tips, USB chargers, carrying cases and others at affordable prices.  We just got our hands on the device, and this is  a brief update on the product, just to tell you HOW MUCH stuff they offer there.  It’s actually quite incredible.  They offer traditional e cigs and vape pens as well.

Starter Kits 

Available at Envy E Cig are various starter kits starting from $12.95. Envy E Cig offers both starter level and advanced level ecig kits and thus finding a device that matches your needs will not be a problem at Envy E Cig. Moreover, Envy E Cig also offers disposable starter kits. The starting price of the Summer Disposable is $6.95 (available on 50% discount) and will last for about 600 puffs.


Envy E Cig also offers refills including Knight Refills, Clearomizers (eGo Tank, Joye Tech and others), Envy E Liquid, 5 pack of clearomizers and Ego Elite Refills among others. The refills can be purchased in your choice of nicotine strength and flavors.


In eliquid, Envy E Cig offers users many different flavor categories including Envy E Liquid, Holiday Liquid, HS E Liquid (fruit and beverage flavors), tobacco flavored liquid and mint to name a few. Users cannot just pick the flavor of their liquid but also the nicotine strength and bottle size.   You can buy online and have them shipped anywhere.

Envy E Cig offers free shipping on orders above $25. More information about the company can be seen in the Envy E Cig Review.

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