The Major Pro of E-Cigs: No Second Hand Smoke

You can now smoke around you loved ones at home, with your friends in car and even in conference rooms along your colleagues without worrying about them getting irritated or leaving any crawling smell. This was not possible until the introduction of fashionable electronic cigarettes; smokes without ash, flame, smell, tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide. These new cigarettes were introduced first in 2004 but took some time to become as popular as they are today. With the great number of benefits associated with electronic smokes, many people around the world were able to give up on traditional tobacco smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are affixed with a cartridge that contains nicotine liquid, which takes the shape of a vapor when heating process begins. As propylene glycol is present in e-cigarettes, they never produce any odor. With electronic cigarettes, smokers can get their needed nicotine kick whenever and wherever they feel like. This is one of the major reasons of their success; you don’t have to look for non smoking zones anymore. Another very attractive feature of these cigarettes is their cost effectiveness, as you spend eighty percent lesser money on electronic cigarettes than what was being spent on conventional cigarettes.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the biggest reason every smoker should make this move is that these cigarettes do not remit four thousand cancer causing toxins to the human body, making them safe for human heart and lungs. Many Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp have been promoting this new era of smoking as well to make people enter healthier lifestyles.

E-Cigarettes are sold in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  One hot trending item is the vape pen pictured here

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