How to Make Your Own Vape Pen

It is true that vaporizers are one of the best smoking alternative devices. These devices are battery operated and allow users to enjoy their herbs or tobacco without having to burn them. One of the most popular types of vaporizer is a vape pen. As its name suggests, a vape pen is a device that is designed just like a normal pen. Vape pens can be bought from a regular smoke shop or internet. However, if you don’t want to buy a vape pen then you can make your own vape pen at home.

Objects required

In order to make your own vape pen at home you will need a ball point, tape and glass tube. All these materials can easily be bought from a regular stationary shop or a convenience store. Make sure that the ball point you purchase has a plastic body and a replaceable ink cartridge. Remember not to purchase a ball point that has a fixed ink cartridge.

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1. The first step is to remove the ink cartridge from your ball point. After removing the ink cartridge, you should only have the body of your ball point. You can discard the ink cartridge as it won’t be required in the other steps.

2. Find a glass tube. The glass tube will act as the container in which you will keep your herbs or tobacco. Make sure that the glass tube is not very big and is cylindrical in shape. An old cologne tester bottle can be used as a glass tube. If you don’t have a cologne tester bottle then you can find an eye dropper.

3. Fill the glass tube with herbs or tobacco and then fix it with the bottom part of your pen. If the glass tube does not fit properly with the pen then apply some clear tape around it.

4. Make a small hole near the upper part of your pen. This hole will be used to inhale vapors.

5. Heat the herbs or tobacco inside the glass tube and inhale the vapors from the small hole that you created in the last step.

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