The Marketing Tactics of Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic cigarettes owe part of their phenomenal success to the marketing strategies that have been created to make them indispensable to the struggling smoker who is just dying to quit. Ecigs were originally advertised as being able to cure the addiction of traditional cigarettes but as time passed, more and more people were able to testify that this was not the case. After this, ecig brands had to be more careful about what they were propagating. These brands were also keeping a great deal of information from the public such as the fact that ecigs had considerable side effects and implications for the health of users.

The major marketing gimmick has been to undermine the harmful long term effects that are definitely present. In advertisements, except for brands that tell it like it is like Bull Smoke e cigarettes, the ecigs are portrayed as a very glamorous product that is a must-have but in reality it is simply a less harmful version of the same terrible habit that normal smoking is. The fact that celebs use it and promote it actually makes this whole trend a lot worse as people tend to emulate them and buy the same products. With the way the popularity of ecigs is going, forecasts predict that soon there will be more ecig users than ordinary smokers. The fact that ecigs and their refills are cheaper than packs of cigarettes makes the situation worse.

Some companies, mainly V2, portray vapor cigarette smoking as futuristic.V2 Cigs Logo

Experts say that the worst part of the electronic cigarette phenomenon is that smoking is no longer the hazard it is supposed to be. Since ecigs have come out, they have been displayed as a healthy choice (which they most certainly are not) and this had made smoking normal and acceptable in society. Ecigs can be safely used inside enclosed spaces which further adds to the deceptive notion that they are good for one’s health. Furthermore, there is no guarantee in the least that ecigs can help anyone quit smoking altogether. Many people return to regular smoking even if it is the more expensive option.  For those people, I say check out our discount codes and try as many brands as you can, for a lot less money.

What do you have to lose?  

Alternatively, you have a TON to gain.


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