Atmos Vape Pen

By Vinny Vapor

I have yet to try this product yet, largely because I’ve been using the Pro Series by V2 lately.  I have been a loyal Vapor Zone user, but this new release really has me addicted to the draw, the ease of use, and of course, the 3 in 1 capabilities of the device.

Atmos Raw Review

This vape pen gets rave reviews across the web, so it wouldn’t be right to not include it, even if I haven’t personally tested it yet.  It’s like putting up a ranking of the best football teams out there but not ranking the Seahawks because you didn’t get to catch the Super Bowl.  

The pull and draw reports I read online were all giving the Atmos Raw a score of PERFECT.  It’s a very versatile pen, and the only criticism I’ve read is that some people have issues with the placement of the power button.  To me, that’s a non factor really.  To quote High Times “this was the best quality product we tested.”  

Atmos Vape Pens

The Atmos Raw

Now, High Times is really rating this on the dry herb factor, which I talk about over here.  

I like to rate these pens on the ability to do about everything.  Dry herb, liquid, wax, oils, but mostly to smoke e-liquids.  I’ll be honest, I don’t live in a place where I can legally use this for the other stuff, so I’d rather not go there.  

Like most vape pens, this is an aluminum and stainless steel pen.  It’s coils heat 375 – 450 F.  You can use it with concentrates, flowers, glycerin even with a separate attachment. 

Price: $189.95

When I get more time to test this bad boy out, and fully review it, you can count on me coming back to update this rating with more commentary.  I apologize in advance if I’m just stating the obvious here, but I feel High Times gives a lot of great information in their review, which you can read here.  


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