Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

By Vinny Vapor

If you are looking for the best dry herb vaporizers, I can offer some assistance in your quest to find the top product.  I’ve tried many brands, and have some I recommend (this one) and some I don’t like at all (the G pen).

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaporizers are used for various different purposes. Some vaporizers are used as an alternative source of tobacco consumption whereas others are used to scent the room. Since a couple of months, there has been a steady increase in the demand of both these types of vaporizers. Medical patients use vaporizers to take their medicine as these devices extract active ingredients from medicines and allow patients to inhale them. On the other hand, people use vaporizers at home and restaurants to produce herbal scent.

You can easily purchase herbal flavors and use them in your vaporizer to make scent. Herbal flavors are soothing and relaxing and when heated emit an aromatic scent in the air. You can either purchase an herbal vaporizer or create your own at home. Keep in mind that ready made vaporizers might be expensive hence it is always advisable to make your own vaporizer. In order to replicate the scent which is produced by readymade herbal vaporizers all you need is a soup pot.

Once the herbal flavors are steamed inside the bowl, they create a powerful smell which is not only comforting but is also relaxing. The following are some steps to make your own herbal vaporizer.

1. Take a regular soup bowl and fill it with water. Do not fill the pot completely with water; leave some space inside the pot to add the herbs.

2. Next, add half a cup of lavender buds, half a cup of chamomile petals and half a cup of rose petals.

3. Turn on your stove and let the pot heat over medium high heat. Once you see that the water has started to boil reduce the heat.

4. Allow the herbs to simmer for another 5 minutes after reducing the heat. After 5 minutes you will start smelling the powerful scent of these herbs.

5. Don’t forget to turn off your stove.

Remember that you can use any kind of herbs you want. It all depends on your sense of smell. Also, if you don’t know which herbs to purchase then you can seek help online.

Disclaimer:  I’m going on record saying that you must comply with all State and Federal laws concerning any activity that may be illegal in your jurisdiction.  Content not intended to be promotional or suitable for minors.  Thanks in advance for understanding I’m simply out here publishing up to date information as it relates to keeping up with the best electric cigarette brands of 2014.

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