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Vape pens are all the rage.  You can see by the sheer number offered for sale now, that it’s the largest growing segment in the space.

Vape Pens – A Dummies Guide

These days a lot of people are shifting to vaporizers in order to satisfy their tobacco needs because these devices are termed safe and hygienic. A vaporizer or a vape pen is an electrical device which is powered by a battery. This device does not emit smoke instead all it produces is vapors. When compared to smoke from a cigarette, the vapors produced from a vaporizer pen are much safer because they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

You can find several different kinds of vape pens online or in regular smoke shops. These sleek devices look really similar to a regular writing pen. Furthermore, some people confuse vape pens with electronic cigarettes. Keep in mind that both these devices might fulfill the same needs but they are slightly different in the way they function. A vape pen allows users to add herbs or tobacco of their choice in the device whereas an electronic cigarette does not allow users to add dry herbs inside the device.

Herbs and oils are by far the most popular types of filling materials which are used in vape pens. On the other hand, vaporizer pens offer manifold benefits to users. As these devices don’t generate smoke, users don’t have to worry about any health concerns. Doctors have stated that vaporizer pens might be helpful for those patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana and other medicines. Also, as vaporizer pens don’t use a direct source to heat the herbs, they extract the active ingredients from the herbs thus providing the utmost benefits to consumers. Vape pens are painstakingly designed and are easy to use.

First time buyers might get confused while purchasing a vape pen as there are several kinds of vape pens available online. Hence, the best way to find a good vape pen is by doing your research. You must search online for various kinds of vape pens and then shortlist the top 5 pens which you feel are best for you. Then start comparing these vape pens by reading reviews and asking people who have used these devices.

Choosing the Best Vapor Pen

Vaporizers have not only become a health trend but they are also becoming a growing fashion trend. Today no matter where you go, you will always see people using their vape pens or vaporizer pipes. Vape pens are sleek electronic devices that are designed in the shape of a real writing pen. These devices are used to create vapors from herbs or tobacco. Most vape pens allow users to use different kinds of herbs. Herbs are known for their healing and soothing effect on the body hence they are used by thousands of customers.

Meanwhile, a vaping pipe is designed just like an ordinary tobacco pipe but it is much more effective than its counterpart. A vaping pipe contains a bowl in which you place the herbs to vaporizer. Inside the bowl is a ceramic sheet which guards the tobacco from burning. There is also a wired coil under the ceramic sheet. This coil, when heated with a lighter, transfer’s heat to the herbs which are inside the bowl.

The following are some steps that you should consider while choosing a vape pen or a vaping pipe.

1. Take out some time and do your research in advance. Make sure that you search for different kinds of pipes or pens on the internet. Also, it is good to read reviews of different brands.

2. If you are buying a pipe or pen from a specialty smoke shop then make sure that you ask questions from the sales staff. Ask them anything you want about the specific device that you are considering to purchase.  However, remember not to trust their feedback completely.

3. Ask your friends or family members who have used a pipe or pen before. The advice which you will get from your close friends and family members will be the most credible.

4. Call the manufacturers of these devices and ask them questions. You should ask for the warranty period of the device and the materials which were used to make the device. Remember; always purchase your vape pen or vaporizer pipe from a credible manufacturer who is willing to answer all your questions.

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