V2 Pro Series

By Vinny Vapor

So V2 now offers vaporizers in various formats.  There are three different types you can use, and all are new additions to the line of e-cig products offered by the world renowned V2 brand.

The names are the Series 3, Series 7, and Series 9.  The one I ordered was the Series 3, since it looked the most simplistic.  I always encourage users of any e cigarette or vapor pen product to start at the bottom and then trade up as you gain more experience. It really dumbs down the learning curve and you’ll appreciate the larger, more advanced devices if you follow this advice.

V2 Pro Review

The latest from the brand that brought us V2cigs.com.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Multi-Medium Capable. Universally Awesome.

The hottest new 3 in 1 vaping pen uses a slim look, with the same futuristic V2 feel, to ensure the best possible cape experience takes place.  The delivery of the e-juices is unlike no other vapor pen, and this product was made over the course of many years.

Here’s what you need to know about the Series 3 Vapor Pen.

  • The Portable vaporizer will work with loose leaf, e liquids, and essential oils.  It’s a very versatile, adaptive product.
  • The Series 3 uses magnetic, cartridges with smart technology  that drop in and adjust to the temperature needed to perform at optimal levels.
  • The magnetic charger makes it easy to use and keeps it performing at a high level with minimal risk for damage from outside elements.
  • This device CAN be used while charging. It’s truly one of a kind.

pro line series

V2 Pro

The “Pro Line” is the highest tech battery offered by VMR Products.

This product is now available for sale!  

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With this pen, you can vaporize dry herbs, e-liquid, leaf/tobacco, and even the wax form of nicotine.  (Nicotine wax.)  The batter connection is 100% magnetic, so there is no snapping or twisting motions to make, just let the battery slide on and hang tight.  This is arguably the most innovative device in the pens industry, and if you are a multi-tasker with your battery, this is the best one you can buy.  If you are looking for the V2 Cigs classic mini cigs, click here to read a review and get coupon codes.

V2Cigs Pro Vapor Pen Review & Promo Video

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