Problems With Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the best substitute for regular cigarettes and cigars. These battery operated devices are not only healthy to use but they can also be used anywhere, even at place where regular smoking is banned by the government. This is because an electronic cigarette does not emit smoke. These devices provide nicotine to the users by heating a liquid called the e-liquid. Hence, as there is no tobacco inside these devices, no smoke is generated.

Whether you buy in a convenience store or buy e cigs online, you have to know that there could be problems you’ll face.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help you get past any issues.

Broken e cig battery

Even A rated brands of e-cigarettes can have battery malfunctions.

As their name suggests, electronic cigarettes are electronic devices. Therefore, as any other electronic device, these devices can also malfunction. However, the good news is that these devices can be fixed at home by users. The following are some problems and solutions.

1. One of the most commonly reported issue concerning electronic cigarettes is that of inadequate vapor production. If you notice that your device is not producing sufficient vapors then remove the battery and clean it. If the battery has expired then replace it with a new one.  Many e cigarette brands will offer a replacement if the warranty covers it.

2. Detach the refill cartridge from the device and blow air inside it from one end. Make sure that there is adequate fluid inside the cartridge.

3. Clean the atomizer and make sure that there is no dust inside it.

4. Check and see if the LED light, which is placed at the end of your device, is working properly. Take a drag and see if the light lights up. If you feel at some point that you need to apply more force in order to lighten up the LED then this means that your battery is not working properly. Charge it and check again.

5. In order to have an exceptional smoking experience always purchase an extra battery and keep it with your device incase if the original battery dies out.

Whether  you choose to use an electronic cigarette or  a vapor pen, adhere to this advice and you’ll see great results.

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