What Are You Smoking?

As e-cigs become more popular, their presence increases in the mainstream industry and many people ask the question “what is in them? And how are they different?” There is a lot of difference between electronic cigarettes and a tobacco filled cigarette.

To answer this question “what is in them?” it depends on the brand and cartridge your using. A good thing about electronic cigarettes is that you will not inhale chemicals which you may find in abundance with traditional cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain tar, carbon monoxide, nickel and other harmful chemicals which may lead you to certain health problems.

Vapor smoking pens, like the Pro Series by V2Cigs, use a liquid that is made of natural ingredients like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. These ingredients are used as a base with water, glycerol, artificial flavoring and nicotine. This is a mixture made by a few ingredients and that is why electronic cigarettes are not harmful when compared with tobacco cigarettes. You can choose many flavors like menthol, fruit flavors and tobacco flavors, if you don’t like flavor then you can go for an unflavored cartridge.

The electronic cigarette has 2 parts, a flavor cartridge and a battery operated cartomizer which heats the liquid and turns it into vapor. A benefit of smoking electronic cigarettes is that you won’t be burning anything and there is no ash or cigarette butts to dispose of. You will not need to spend money on dental products because unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes will not ruin your teeth. Plus you will not need to worry about carbon monoxide and tar; you can smoke it outdoors and not bother anyone. No one can complain about second hand smoke because there is no odor.

Vapor pens now come in different shapes and sizes, you can choose from many top brands, from starter kits to advance kits; all depends on your need. You can use this device to successfully reduce your tobacco consumption. Electronic cigarettes offer a great smoking experience without harming your health or others around you, it costs less, looks better and feels better than a tobacco filled cigarette.

So, what are you smoking?

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