Steps To Detach The LED Light On An Electronic Cigarette

If you want to take your LED light out of your e cig device, here’s a quick little guide to get that accomplished.  

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death around world. Diseases such as cancer, lung failure and cardiovascular problems are all related to cigarette smoking. This is the reason why numerous smokers are trying to quit their smoking habit. An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device which can help smokers quit or control their nicotine consumption.

Although this device looks exactly like traditional cigarettes, it operates in a completely different way. One of the foremost differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that e-cigs do not produce smoke and they contain only a few chemicals.

Every electronic cigarette has an LED light that lights up when a user inhales a puff. If you don’t like the LED light then you can immobilize it by following some simple steps that are mentioned below.

Steps To Disconnect The LED Light

1. Carefully unscrew the lithium battery from the cartridge. In order to detach it from the cartridge all you need to do is twist it in an anti clockwise motion.

2. Take any type of piler, most preferably a nose piler, and detach the LED light from the bottom part of the lithium battery. Slowly pull the LED light out of the battery.

3. Once the Led light is out, the next step is to heat a soldering iron.

4. Apply the heated tip of the soldering iron on the 3 wires that connect the LED light with the battery. Melt these wires with the heat from soldering iron until all of them are disconnected from the battery.

5. Put the LED light back on the electronic cigarette in exactly the same place where it was. The next time you will take a puff the LED light won’t light up.

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