Variable Voltage Batteries Explained

Knowing about variable voltage batteries is important because choosing right voltage will give the desired flavor and vapor, there is a lot of learning when it comes to choosing the right voltage there is a lot of ambiguity as there are many brands available in the market and there is a clutter of information. The objective is to get the most vapors out of your atomizer without damaging the atomizer while maintaining the desired vaping experience. Variable batteries have the option of increasing or decreasing the voltage, turning up the voltage to maximum is not ideally the best decision.

To get the best vaping experience without damaging your atomizer, you will need to set the voltage accordingly, understanding the Ohm rating is very important. There are many settings and configuration methods but fact is the setting for each individual is dependent on his/her taste.

Atomizers come with different Ohm rating, example: 2.8 ohm, 2.4 ohm 1.8ohm, with higher ohm rating more voltage is required from the battery, and less voltage is required with lower ohm rating. Variable batteries produce more vapor, that is its main benefit. One way of maximizing your vaping experience is to buy a high voltage battery with an atomizer of low resistance but there is still no competition with a variable battery. Like standard batteries most variable batteries use 3.7volt the only difference being that with a variable battery one can choose the wattage, many electronic cigarettes come with processors with keeps the battery safe and gives control over the production of vapor, although the variable is much more expensive because of its advance technology, its benefits are indeed worth the buck

Variable batteries are not best suited for new users, so if you are a new user of vapor cigarettes, stick to the cig-a-like products.  Those are the popular brands you hear about like V2, and for those on a budget but still looking for quality, the brand Bullsmoke vapor cigarettes is the best.

But, if you are a “big timer” and want to have the futuristic looking variable voltage device, check out the pages below with some examples of what’s selling right now.

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