Tips on Cleaning Your Vapor Pipes

Pipes have been used by smokers to smoke tobacco and herbs for centuries. Over the years several different types of pipes have been introduced around the world. One type of pipe that is gaining attention of people these days is called vapor pipe. This type of pipe operates in a similar way to traditional pipes, which I introduced just the other day.  The only difference is that a vapor pipe uses a unique flame filter that foils the tobacco from burning. As a result, the pipe only produces vapors instead of smoke. If we come to think of it, this device is extremely useful as it does not produce any kind of smoke. Research has already provided that vapors are far better and safer as compared to smoke because vapors don’t contain chemicals. Hence, people who use vapor pipes only inhale vapors.

Also smoke is harsher than vapors. Pipes that create smoke leave a bad taste in your mouth and smell in your clothes. Vaporizer pipes are less expensive than electronic vaporizers. A vapor pipe contains a ceramic screen which captures tobacco particles and ash. As it captures tobacco particles and debris, this component of a vapor pipe can block overt time. Hence, it should be cleaned and maintained properly. The following are some steps to clean your vapor pipe.

1. Take a pair of tweezers. Use the tweezers to take off the ceramic screen from the pipe and keep it safely. Once the screen has been removed, look closely you will see a wired coil. Remove the coil also and clean the insides.

2. Take a bowl and fill it with an alcohol based solution. Place the ceramic screen and coil inside the bowl and let it soak for 10 minutes.

3. Clean the bowl shaped part of your vaporizer with wet cotton.

4. Also don’t forget to clean the mouth piece of your pipe. You can clean this part by using a pipe cleaner or washing it with water. If you wash your mouth piece then dry it with a clean cloth.

5. Place the wire coil and ceramic screen back on your pipe.
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